Trump administration officials sign a warning statement against the resettlement of Afghans who did not directly support the United States


The American Rehabilitation Center issued a statement on Wednesday, signed by three former Trump officials and warned that their successors would not approve. Afghan refugees The Taliban emigrated to the United States after taking over a war-torn country.

NS letterObtained by RealClearNews’ Philip Wegman, Russell Vought, former Chief Executive Officer of Trump’s Office of Management and Budget, Ken Kutchinelli, former Deputy Secretary of Homeland Security, and Rachel Semmel, former spokeswoman for Trump’s Office of Management and Budget. Co-signed.

The statement begs the Biden administration to prioritize US interests in the collapse of Afghanistan and a special immigrant visa (SIV) program to pardon technically unqualified refugees under the standards of the program. I urged the Biden State Department not to use. The authors say the SIV program should be broadly applied to Afghan collaborators and allies who were directly involved in US military operations to expel the Taliban and strengthen the Afghan government.

“The SIV program was established in 2009 as a target mechanism to provide Afghans who fought beside the U.S. military, or Afghans who acted as interpreters, with special visas to allow them to enter the United States. The SIV program must not be abused as a means of potentially resetting thousands of Afghans who did not provide the United States with the support envisioned by the SIV program. “

Most Afghan refugees warned that they would not “support the United States directly or fight the Taliban directly.” And it is not in our national interest to accept refugees just because they are refugees. “

The statement acknowledges the massive migration caused by the Taliban’s resurrection, and thousands of Afghans are desperate to escape the tyranny bound by Shari’a law.

Criticizing the governor, who has already promised to welcome refugees to the state, the authors suggest that resettlement could potentially adversely affect the security and social cohesion of the American community. did.

Mentioning the crisis at the southern border with Mexico, the liberation warned against repeating the same mistakes in a “self-destructive open border policy” regarding accepting Afghan asylum seekers. Acknowledging “tens of thousands of Afghans we cannot properly scrutinize,” the author said, “It is very likely that it poses a security risk to our community and can we assimilate into our country?” , Or you may not want to assimilate. “

The letter suggests that the best way to help Afghan citizens on the run is to work with neighboring countries to promote “regional resettlement efforts” rather than burdening the United States.

Many lawmakers, including the Republicans, have given them a sanctuary because the United States has only militarily intervened in the civil war in Afghanistan, occupying the country for decades, and making unplanned and chaotic withdrawals. He claimed to have struggled to provide and owed to confused Afghanistan.

Other Republicans, such as Ohio Senator candidate JD Vance, have suggested that the United States should choose to accept Afghan refugees and scrutinize all asylum seekers to eliminate potential terrorists. ..

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