Trump advised to turn his back on his right-wing disciple Matt Gaetz, who is facing an investigation into sexual trafficking.

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President Donald Trump served as Republican Matt Gates, Republican, and Republican after giving Trump’s State of the Union address at the Joint Session of the United States on January 30, 2018. Tom Williams / CQ Roll Call

Former President Donald Trump’s adviser urged him not to defend publicly Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz Who is currently facing Sex crime investigation, The Daily Beast Reported on Friday.

Trump reportedly last week “Getsgate” scandal Deploy from afar, consulting with some advisers on what he should do about one of his most loyal allies.

According to two people familiar with the matter, Mr. Trump thinks the claim to the Florida Republican Party looks “really bad,” but it could be “smear,” the Daily Beast reported.

Nonetheless, Trump’s best friend firmly stated that he should remain quiet on this issue-a recommendation that the former president seemed to finally agree with.

Trump’s office has not issued an official statement on this issue as of Saturday.

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Gates, Trump’s exaggerated Loyalist, had a sexual relationship with a 17-year-old girl in 2019 and paid her to travel with him, by doing so federal sexual trafficking law. Is currently being investigated for possible violations of The New York Times reported Earlier this week. Gates has not been charged in connection with the investigation.

Since the report Some more claims It has surfaced.

In other claims, Gates is reportedly accused. Use election funds to cover travel and other expenses For women, pay women for sex, and participate Sex games including the “Harry Potter” challenge “Additional points” for sleeping in the Sorority House.

Gates, federal investigation Part of the “Organized Crime Extortion” scheme Against his family. He said the plot involved two former Justice Department officials he did not name.

“Matt Gaetz has never paid for sex. Matt Gaetz completely refutes all nasty claims. Matt Gaetz has never been to such a website. Matt Gaetz cherishes past relationships and looks forward to getting married. The love of his life,“His office said in a statement on Thursday, According to the New York Times.

Florida Republicans from the state’s first congressional district on Friday Said to hill It’s “very safe” to say he doesn’t intend to resign.

Gates is one of Trump’s biggest defenders at Capitol Hill. He recently spoke at the Republican National Convention in Florida and was once called “Proud Trump’s Disciple.” Politico.

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