Trump aides believe the family informed the FBI about him because they knew where agents could find a particular leather case, report says

Trump family

Donald Trump stands in front of his children and other relatives as he leaves Joint Base Andrews, Maryland, after his term ends on January 20, 2021.Alex Edelman/AFP via Getty Images

  • A Trump aide has speculated about a possible Mar-a-Lago informant.

  • Some believe that only a member of Trump’s family could have done it, The Guardian reported.

  • The FBI, acting on information from eyewitnesses, searched the former president’s Florida home.

An aide to former President Donald Trump believes someone in his family may have tipped the FBI about the existence of classified documents on Mar-a-Lago. The Guardian newspaper reported.

Sources close to Trump told the magazine that after the Aug. 8 raid of Trump’s resort in Palm Beach, Fla., the aide began speculating as to who was talking to the agent. .

In the search, agents took a dozen boxes. As well as items from confidential informationThey seemed to have specific information on what to look for.

Speculation initially centered on Trump’s political aide and Mar-a-Lagom’s resort staff, the outlet’s sources said, but has since shifted to people close to Trump.

Some aides were convinced that the family was the only one who not only knew where Trump’s safe was located, but also knew to direct agents to specific leather boxes, according to sources. rice field.

both Trump’s estranged niece Mary and his ex-lawyer Michael Cohen We’re speculating that the former president’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, may be the informant. Neither provided any evidence to support their claims.

According to multiple reports, The agents who carried out the raid acted on information that included witness testimony that Trump failed to return all classified information requested by the Justice Department and the National Archives.

The New York Times reported that the agent We also obtained surveillance footage via a subpoena in the hallway near the vault where the documents were kept and saw what surprised them.

The Justice Department asked the judge not to release an affidavit detailing the probable cause underlying the search, as it could provide information about the scope of the investigation.

Trump said he wanted the documents released.

A warrant used in the search, unsealed on Friday, showed agents believed Trump You may have violated several laws, including espionage laws.

Trump has denied any wrongdoing in handling the documents.

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