Trump announces new Super PAC, Twitter users can’t stop howling by name

Donald Trump He announced a new Super PAC on Monday, but his critics couldn’t get past the name “Make America Great Again.”

Troublesome Monica was previously used by Trump’s allies, including the former Vice President Mike penceTested it at the 2020 Republican National Convention Similar confusion on social media At the time.

In this case, New York Times reporter Maggie Huberman said rebranding is a way to avoid long-time aide Trump. Corey RwandowskiExiled from the orbit of the former president Accused of sexual misconduct last week.

However, he continues to be in charge of the current PAC “Make America Great Again Action”.

“The Trump people now formed a new group because there was no way to legally replace Lewandowski, one of the two board members of the first Super PAC, unless he resigned. I am. ” She wrote on twitter ..

But critics of the former president could not overcome the lack of originality of the name:

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