Trump approaches to testify in a protester’s suit accusing his assault guards

Drew Angeler / Getty

Drew Angeler / Getty

Former President Donald Trump is one step closer to testifying in a New York proceeding filed in 2015 by a group of protesters alleging that his bodyguards attacked them.

As the Daily Beast Previously reportedActivists gathered outside Trump Tower to protest Republican candidates’ derogatory comments on Mexican immigrants. On that September day, shortly after demonstrators gathered on Fifth Avenue outside the skyscrapers, several members of Trump’s security team “violently attacked” them and protested banners in front of a crowd, including reporters. Is said to have destroyed.

President Trump was trying to testify in a civil trial in Bronx and destroy the subpoena that had to sit in advance for videotape testimony. In 2019, his lawyer appealed a judge’s order denying his request.

On Tuesday, the state’s appellate department dismissed Trump’s appeal as a dispute.

“This appeal on appropriate criteria for determining whether the incumbent president will be forced to testify on videotape about informal acts in civil lawsuits against him or her is the right of the parties to me. It is controversial given that it is not directly affected by our decision, “the court said in its decision,” and there will be no immediate consequences of the decision. “

Trump and Don Jr. Lawyer Eric Swalwell’s January 6 Riot Proceedings

“We are pleased with the appeals decision and look forward to presenting Mr. Trump’s testimony in court, as expected by the disadvantaged parties in the proceedings,” said protester lawyer Benjamin N. Dictor. I have. “

I couldn’t ask Trump’s lawyer for comment.

Similarly, recently, the Court of Appeals, the Supreme Court of the State. Defamation proceedings in Summer Zelbos Opposition to Trump may advance because Trump is no longer the incumbent president and “the issues presented are controversial.”In that case, Trump called former contestant Zelbos. apprentice,liar She came out before in 2016 He groped her and claimed to have kissed her without her consent.

Activists behind the Bronx proceedings include Efrain Galicia, Florencia Teheda Perez, Gonzalo Cruz Franco and Miguel Villalovos. (Another plaintiff, Johnny Garcia, died in February 2019.) Trump, his presidential campaign, and the Trump organization are listed as defendants, as are Trump’s bodyguards, including long-time amendments. I will. Keith Schiller, Gary Uher, Edward Jon Deck, Jr. , And security personnel called John Does 3 and 4.

The plaintiff, called “a group of human rights activists from Mexico,” created a flag that carved Trump’s campaign slogan with the words “Trump: Make America a Racist Again!” They also wore white robes and hoods after Galicia learned that former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke supported Trump.

On the afternoon of September 3, 2015, Trump held a press conference inside Trump Tower, where journalists and protesters gathered outside. Cruz and Perez were waiting on the public sidewalk on Fifth Avenue, opposite the entrance to the building.

Immediately after Cruz wore a KKK parody outfit, Uher allegedly pushed him in. While Perez was recording the incident, Deck ordered her to stop shooting and take off her costume, then pulled her with her wrist and pushed the sidewalk towards Cruz.

The complaint states that the reporter also recorded and began recording the fight. Galicia and Garcia arrived shortly after this encounter with three signs and set two banners for the sidewalk cement planters. According to the proceedings, Uher and an unnamed guard soon approached the man and threw them to the ground.

When Galicia regained the sign and put it back, Schiller “approached Galicia quickly and intimidatingly,” tearing one of the posters in half and walking away with the other.

Galicia pursued Schiller, who allegedly ignored Galicia’s request to return property, and reached around the guards to regain his signature. Schiller then claimed that he “struck Galicia with a fist with his head closed, with enough force to trip Galicia backwards.” The proceedings then alleged that an unnamed guard “put his hand around Galicia’s neck to suffocate Galicia.”

Complaints include assault and assault, illegal interference with political speeches, negligent employment and retention, and negligent supervisory allegations.

It Was one of the 75 court battles What the former President Elect faced in November 2016 when he was preparing to move to the White House.

The Court of Appeals’ ruling on Tuesday comes a year and a half after Judge Doris Gonzalez of the Bronx County dismissed Trump’s allegation to revoke the subpoena.

In September 2019, Trump’s legal team (including Mark Kasowitz and Lawrence Rosen) stated that “as required by the US Constitution and other applicable laws, Trump is the only source of information available for his testimony. I made a mistake because I didn’t decide that it was. ” “And the activist’s allegation,” he mistakenly concluded that the president’s testimony was “essential.”

This month, activist lawyers Nathaniel K. Charney, Roger J. Bernstein, and Dictor alleged to dismiss Trump’s appeal as a controversy “in light of his return to civilian status.” ..

In a court filing last week, they were given to the president, who turned into a reality check star, “the actions of the guards, with explicit or implied instructions, and with explicit and implied approval.” Therefore, he added that Trump’s testimony was appropriate.

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