Trump asked for cash shortly after the Jan. 6 committee voted on his subpoena, telling supporters he was fighting for their ‘legacy’


Trump in front of the US flag on January 6

Former President Donald Trump arrives to speak to supporters of The Ellipse near the White House in Washington, DC, January 6, 2021.Brendan Smiarowski/AFP via Getty Images

  • Trump called for funding shortly after a Jan. 6 committee in the House wrapped up its ninth hearing.

  • The former president told supporters he was fighting for his “legacy” and praised the “MAGA movement.”

  • A nine-member committee unanimously voted to subpoena Trump for testimony.

Former President Donald Trump emailed a request for funding just minutes after a Jan. 6 committee in the House closed its ninth day of hearings.

Taking advantage of his “MAGA movement” being in the news, the former president told supporters he was fighting for his “legacy.”

“Our MAGA movement is by far the largest political movement in the history of our nation. Because there is

After answering questions such as “Are you concerned about the impact of the Radical Left on this country?” Trump urged his supporters to donate at least $45 to the Save America Joint Fundraising Committee. Political Committee: Save America, Make America Great Again PAC.

Trump, who is openly cheating in another 2024 presidential election but has yet to formally register with the Presidential Election Commission, will use the PAC to control everything from holding rallies to paying staff to legal fees. We provide funding for a variety of expenses, up to covering costs.

Trump fundraising email

A fundraising email sent by one of former President Donald Trump’s political committees on October 13, america

A nine-member committee voted unanimously to subpoena Trump for testimony on the riots at the conclusion of Thursday’s hearings.

“It is our duty to seek testimony from Donald Trump,” said the committee’s chairman, Democratic Rep. Benny Thompson. I need to answer the exposed police officer.”

Trump is expected to deny the subpoena, and the potential legal process to enforce the subpoena is likely to take years. He called it a “breakdown” and a “laughter.”

The commission plans to release its report on the year-and-a-half-long investigation into the Jan. 6 attacks before the midterm elections. The committee has made it clear that it has more work to do, but it faces dissolution if Republicans regain a majority in the House in November.

In the subject line of the fundraising email, Trump made a questionable claim he has made many times before. His approval rating among Republicans is 96%..

A New York Times/Siena College poll Just 49% of Republican voters announced in July said they would vote for Trump in the 2024 Republican presidential primary. I answered.Ann NBC poll Last month, Trump’s approval rate dropped to its lowest level since he left office.

Still, the former president managed to make some cash through various fundraising efforts. Worthless Incentives, Letters centered on Mar-a-Lago In the middle of a Florida hurricane, and aggressive scare tactics Targeting his loyal followers.

As of August 31, Save America alone reported reserves of about $92.8 million. filing with the Federal Election Commission.

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