Trump-backed Nebraska Governor Candidate accused of sexual misconduct

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Republicans fear far-right candidates becoming candidates for governor of Pennsylvania

In the six days leading up to the Pennsylvania primary, Republicans said the Governor’s crowded GOP candidate wouldn’t be elected in the fall general election, missing out on the party’s opportunity to take over the battlefield state executive suite. I’m openly worried. Doug Mastriano, 58, a state senator and former U.S. military colonel since 2019, runs to the right of nine Republican fields and is an unfounded conspiracy of former President Donald Trump stolen by the Democratic Party. The 2020 elections there are opposed to the establishment of a party in a state that is still swayed by conspiracy. Mastriano is a prominent merchant with unfounded claims that widespread fraud has hurt the 2020 elections and that Democratic Governor Tom Wolfe was involved in the deaths of thousands of COVID-19s in nursing homes.