Trump beats Biden today, favored by more women and blacks


A number of new polls this week show that President Joe Biden’s support and approval is declining. His average is currently below 50%.

But today Rasmussen Report Issued a capper and told Secret that Biden would lose to former President Donald Trump in a re-election.

With a 6-point difference of 43% -37%, voters will choose Trump over Biden “if the next presidential election takes place today.”

Details of a study that sampled more Democrats than Republicans showed that Trump would win more women and blacks than in 2020, when he lost to Biden (46.8% -51.3%).

A significant 14% choose “other candidates” but are unnamed.

The investigation will be conducted at an important point of President Biden. He is currently in dire straits with the US withdrawal from Afghanistan, rising inflation, and spiral crime.

Several other surveys conducted this week showed his approval rating underwater, where Trump was floating for many of his presidency.

Today, Axios found that “Biden’s average approval rate fell below 50% for the first time.” It quoted voting trackers from FiveThirtyEight and RealClearPolitics.

“This shows a sharp drop from the March FiveThirtyEight peak of 55.1% and the April RCP peak of 55.7%,” the site added.

Most people told Rasmussen that they didn’t regret the 2020 vote, even though Trump showed that he was bordering Biden in today’s elections. About 89%, led by 95% of Republicans, said so. In the case of the Democratic Party, that was as low as 87%.

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