Trump called Giuliani to call the Department of Homeland Security and ask them to see if they could control the voting machine: NYT Report

Gesture of former US President Donald Trump speaking at a rally at the Canyon Moon Lunch Festival in Florence, Arizona, January 15, 2022.

Gesture of former US President Donald Trump speaking at a rally at the Canyon Moon Lunch Festival in Florence, Arizona, January 15, 2022.AFP via Robin Beck / Getty Images

  • Former President Donald Trump played a role in the plan to seize voting machines in the 2020 elections.

  • Trump asked Rudolph Giuliani to call DHS about the confiscation of the voting machine. New York Times report.

  • Mr. Trump considered the possibility of obtaining the machine using the military or the Department of Justice.

Former President Donald Trump can call his lawyer Rudy Giuliani to legally control voting machines in major states in December 2020, six weeks after the presidential election. I asked you to confirm. New York Times report.

Giuliani called Kenneth Cuccinelli, Deputy Secretary-General of the Department of Homeland Security, and said he was not authorized to do so, The Times reported.

Insiders previously reported that people in Trump’s orbit had drafted a presidential directive. It was dated December 2020 and mentioned using the Pentagon to seize the machine.

The draft order was recently obtained by the House Election Commission investigating the January 6 riots.

The Times has long known plans to use other federal agencies, but new details from three unnamed sources, either by attendees’ description of the event or direct knowledge of the event. Reported that it represents a plan that Trump considered and proposed.

Trump requested Giuliani to call DHS after he refused. Proposal to confiscate machines using the Pentagon To look for evidence of fraudulent voting That Phil Waldron, a retired Army colonel, The Times claimed to have found it, adding that Waldron first mentioned the plan to former Trump adviser Michael Flynn.

Valdron also proposed using the army to seize the machine, but lawyers opposed it after Trump presented Giuliani with the idea.

The Times also reported that Mr. Trump had met with former Attorney General William Barr on the idea of ​​using the Department of Justice to seize voting machines. According to The Times, Barr quickly discontinued the idea and said Trump had no possible cause to justify the move.

According to The Times, the former president has asked lawmakers in Michigan and Pennsylvania to seize machines using local law enforcement agencies.

A Trump spokesperson did not respond to insider requests for comment.

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