Trump calls on the Republicans to invalidate voters’ votes and makes him the winner after the ballot box is decided


Donald Trump We are now calling on the Republican chairman of the Wisconsin State Parliament to regain the state’s 2020 voter vote and declare the winner of the defeated presidential election following a court ruling on ballot drop boxes.

When the Wisconsin Supreme Court on Friday limited the number of absentee ballot boxes in future elections, he pushed forward with an amazing plan the day after he declared himself an unfounded winner in the state. He again in a message on Saturday claimed that he was a “real winner (many!)” In the state of the battlefield.

Trump argued that: [Wisconsin Assembly] Floor to throw away ” Joe BidenVictory.

Trump's latest brainstorm.  (Photo: Screenshot / TruthSocial / Donald Trump)

Trump’s latest brainstorm. (Photo: Screenshot / TruthSocial / Donald Trump)

Trump’s latest brainstorm. (Photo: Screenshot / TruthSocial / Donald Trump)

There is no evidence that voting in Wisconsin or elsewhere in the country was fraudulent. Dozens of proceedings and several recounts by state confirmed Biden’s victory.

Trump and his Republican allies claimed that Dropbox facilitated fraud in the last election, but did not provide evidence.

The Conservative-controlled Wisconsin Supreme Court says that under current law, absentee ballot drop boxes Placed in the election office — And no one but the voter can return the ballot directly. “The ballot drop box doesn’t appear anywhere in the detailed legal system for absentee ballots,” wrote Judge Rebecca Bradley.

Wisconsin Speaker Robin Vos was unable to immediately get comments on Trump’s request. Vos Welcomed the court’s decision In a statement on Friday-and called the dropbox “illegal” -but said nothing about throwing away the election results.

Friday’s democratic Wisconsin governor Tony Evers condemned the court’s decision, Republican efforts to make voting more difficult..

Critics say the Republican goal is to significantly reduce the number of votes nationwide. Generally considered to be beneficial to the Republicans.. One way to do that is to make voting as inconvenient as possible. Due to the popularity of mail ballots and drop boxes during the COVID-19 pandemic, voters do not have to endanger their health and life in crowded polling stations.

Playing cards keep pushing One-day direct voting in elections — Ban convenient mail and early voting used by 69% of American voters in 2020. (Trump himself votes by mail.) This is two jobs, especially for people with disabilities, the elderly, long working hours and parenting.

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