Trump claims president could declassify documents ‘just by thinking about it’

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Spacecraft ‘healthy and in orbit’ to hit asteroid – NASA

Story: “I can say that the team is ready, the ground systems are ready, the spacecraft is healthy, and we are on track for Monday’s impact,” said Thursday (September 22nd). said DART Project Manager Edward Reynolds at a news briefing in Washington on Wednesday. The DART spacecraft launched from California last November. We haven’t seen it up close, we don’t know what it looks like, we don’t know the shape, and that’s because Tom Statler, NASA’s DART program scientist, said, “It’s hard to hit an asteroid. is,” he said. At 24,000 kilometers per hour (24,000 km/h) about 10 days ago, an impactor ejected from the DART and a camera attached to a briefcase-sized mini spacecraft recorded the collision and sent the image back to Earth.