Trump claims to have won in Wisconsin because state courts have restricted ballot drop boxes


Former president Donald Trump Now, Wisconsin is desperate to steal Wisconsin from his defeated jaw by suddenly claiming to have won the state in the 2020 presidential election.

He didn’t.

His reasoning?As the Wisconsin Supreme Court ruled on Friday Significantly reduced the number of drop boxes for absentee ballotsThat must mean that all the votes in those boxes in November 2020 were somehow fake — and obviously marked for all the winner Joe Biden.

“This means I won very much Closely contested The Wisconsin presidential election (which isn’t really the case) was due to the use of these corrupt scandal-filled fraud boxes, “he erroneously claimed in a Truth Social post on Friday.

(Photo: Screenshot / TruthSocial / Donald Trump)

(Photo: Screenshot / TruthSocial / Donald Trump)

(Photo: Screenshot / TruthSocial / Donald Trump)

There is no evidence that voting in Wisconsin or elsewhere in the country was fraudulent. Dozens of proceedings and several recounts by state confirmed Biden’s victory.

Found members of Trump’s own Ministry of Justice No evidence of fraud After a thorough investigation. Trump’s Carefully Selected Attorney-General, William Barr called the allegations of fraudulent elections “random.”

“These claims are Not just trueRichard Donohue, then deputy prosecutor’s deputy, told Trump. He testified last month before the House Election Commission investigating the January 6, 2021 riots. He added that Trump finally said. Say the election is corrupt Leave the rest to me and Republicans. “

Trump and the Republicans claimed that the dropbox facilitated cheating, but did not provide evidence.

A Conservative-controlled Wisconsin court said that under current law, absentee ballot drop boxes Placed in the election office And no one but the voter can return the ballot directly. “The ballot drop box doesn’t appear anywhere in the detailed legal system for absentee ballots,” wrote Judge Rebecca Bradley.

At Wisconsin, there is no move to switch Biden’s victory to Trump.

Critics say the Republican goal is to significantly reduce the number of votes. Generally considered to be beneficial to the Republicans.. One way to do that is to make voting as inconvenient as possible.

Trump said in Fox News in 2020: Republicans will never be elected in this country againWhen the “voting level” rises. ((((Studies showHowever, mail ballots do not appear to give either party a clear advantage. )

Playing cards keep pushing One-day direct voting in elections — Ban convenient mail and early voting used by 69% of American voters in 2020. Or juggle child care.

“Ultimately, you only need the same day voting (1st) and paper ballot,” Trump cheered at a rally in Nashville last month.

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