Trump curses the threat of Ron DeSantis and advertises “What’s wrong, Donald?”

Former President Donald Trump has been ridiculed for his reported rift with the Governor of Florida. Ron DeSantis (R) Beyond their potential rivals 2024, run for the White House with provocative new ads.

The Removeron Group’s spot has so far ridiculed DeSantis’ refusal to Trump to rule out the president’s bid. “What’s wrong, Donald?” Ask the narrator in a video shared online on Friday. “Is that what Ron said or is he not saying yet? Am I right, Donald?”

“Rumors, you’re still waiting for those magical words from Ron,” continues the narration. “Isn’t it, Donald? But wouldn’t he ever tell you if Ron hadn’t considered challenging the president all this time?”

The ad warned Trump, who rejected reports of worsening tensions between the pair as fake news, and if that time was gone and DeSantis won the reelection as governor, “he’s coming for you.” I’m warning you.

The Remove Ron According to the Twitter profile, the group is “dedicated to defeating Ron DeSantis in 2022.”Its chairman is a Florida “Grim Reaper” lawyer Daniel Wolfelder, Taken to the state beach to protest DeSantis’ devastating treatment of the coronavirus pandemic.Whether the video affects swing voters Continuing the discussionHowever.

This article was originally HuffPost It has been updated.

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