Trump Delivers ‘Chaos’ and ‘Horror Show’


Former Attorney General Bill Barr said Friday that if former President Trump returns to the White House in 2024, it will bring “chaos” and a “horror show.”

“If you believe his policies, the policies he’s promoting, he’s the last person who can actually do them and achieve them,” Barr said of Trump at an event in Cleveland. has no discipline.”

Ultimately, Mr. Barr argued that his former boss lacked “the ability to think strategically” and “the ability to set priorities.”

“It’s a horror show when he lets it go to his device,” Barr said.

“He will cause confusion, lead to backlash if anything, and set his policies back far more than they would have otherwise,” he added.

Barr, who served as attorney general under Trump and former President George H.W. Bush, was in Cleveland discussing his book, One Damn Thing After Another: Memoirs of an Attorney General.

The former attorney general has become a frequent critic of Trump since leaving office in December 2020. Shortly before his resignation, Barr revealed that the Justice Department had found no evidence of widespread voter fraud in his 2020 election, despite then-President Trump’s claims.

Last month he suggested that Trump is the Republican nominee ‘We are likely to lose again’ President Biden in 2024.

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