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Los Angeles Times owners say “a better awakening of the United States” to racism after an attack on Asian Americans

Los Angeles Times owner Patrick Sunsion said, “This country should be awakened to this,” and is moving forward with strong words about America’s unconscious prejudice and racism. Billions of biotechnology Sunsion, born in South Africa of Chinese descent following continued attacks on Asian Americans, said in a CNN business story released Friday that he was systematic racist. In the United States, which he said was “fully fascinated,” Sunsion expressed disappointment with the recent hate crimes against Asian Americans and the racial tensions fueling the Black Lives Matter movement. “Unconscious prejudice and racism are widespread. Sadly, it’s almost inherent in the historical structure of the country,” he said. “We have to recognize it, accept it, and break it,” he told CNN Business.Also read: Meet a TV journalist leading the coverage of the rise of anti-Asian violence “I’m from South Africa, where I saw [racism] It’s growing, “he said. “The funny thing is that it was apartheid, but it was apartheid in the open,” added Sunsion, who emigrated to the United States in 1977. And frankly, I’ve been completely fascinated. His comments make him one of the most famous Asian business leaders talking about recent attacks on Asian Americans. In another recent example, a 65-year-old Asian woman was attacked in Midtown Manhattan, where the perpetrator kicked and trampled her, shouting blasphemous expressions and racial adjectives. Passersby did not intervene, but Sunsion said he felt “painful.” He is addressing the issue of race and prejudice in his role as the owner of the LA Times and complains that former editor-in-chief Norman Pearlstine did not take positive steps to diversify his staff. Is responding to. In a September letter to the staff, Soon-Shiong wrote: It led to productive conversations, concrete plans, and accelerated our progress. We are working on change both because it is legitimate and because it is mission-critical to our business. Only a variety of newsrooms can tell the story of the city accurately. Only newspapers that have the power to explain and reveal fraud can truly succeed. In a CNN report, Sunsion urged other Asian business leaders to speak out about recent attacks. “Unfortunately, Asian culture and thinking only sucks it up. Do your job. Do your own thing. I don’t think it can happen anymore.” “This country will be dealt with by this next generation.” You should wake up to this because it will be something you have to do, “he added.Read the original story The Los Angeles Times owner says “a better awakening of the United States” against racism after attacking Asian Americans in The Wrap

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