Trump did not spend a “penny” in the first half of 2021 to fulfill two major funding promises


Donald Trump.

Donald Trump. Brandon Bell / Getty Images

Former President Donald Trump Raised In the first six months of 2021, he earned more money online than any other Republican, but in a review of election declarations, he helped with election audits and support for Republican candidates in the middle of 2022. It became clear that they weren’t spending cash on that campaign to promote any of their big funding promises. Politico Report.

Despite his “$ 102 Million War Chest”, the Make American Great Again PAC, Save America PAC, or Save American Joint Fundraising Committee (all “Trump-related entities”) to the Medium-Term Republican Party “one penny” It is not a “remittance or donation”. Candidates, committees, or Arizona audit Trump have made “repeated” unfounded proposals as the key to abandoning President Biden’s victory. Politico..Only external spending playing cards did Within six months of his absence, he donated $ 1 million to the America First Policy Institute. “A handful of his former aides’ think tanks were launched when he lost the White House,” he wrote. Politico.. Otherwise, the former president spent a lot of money on lawyers.

Such a decision tells Trump that “Arizona audits are just a sham, and at least for now, he is more enthusiastic about saving money for his own purposes than helping others. It suggests that there is. Politico Write. Funding is also “in contrast to the tone and purpose of the funding proceedings,” which he has committed since he resigned.

A Trump spokesperson confirmed that “funds from Trump’s political commissar are not being used for Arizona or other efforts.” However, the adviser said the former president made “recently” donations to his supportive medium-term candidates, “not visible in this latest July submission.” Anyway, Trump believes that the “major Republican campaign committee” has already indirectly benefited from him by using his name and portrait in funding more Politico..

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