Trump faces MAGA rebellion over approval

Former President Donald Trump faces serious backlash from enthusiastic supporters over his decision to intervene in the Tennessee State Capitol race.

Trump on Tuesday evening supported Morgan Ortagus, a spokesman for the State Department during his administration, pondering his candidacy for a central Tennessee-based parliamentary district. This announcement caused a catastrophe, from North Carolina parliamentarians to prominent supporters on the far right. Madison Corthorn Conservative activist Candace Owens has used social media to express his support for Robbie Starback, a rival candidate who is at the heart of the Protrump movement.

Even a Florida representative. Matt GaetzOne of the former president’s most prominent supporters, has touted a tweet outlining the criticisms of Altergas. Dissatisfaction includes everything from Jeb Bush’s support for Altergas in the 2016 Republican Preliminary Election to a photo shoot with President Joe Biden to a wedding by Judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg of the Supreme Court.

In criticism, two of the former president’s top lieutenants, the eldest son Donald Trump Jr. and social media director Dan Scavino, personally complained about Trump’s rush to approve. .. Discussion.

Starbucks itself is far from a solid major bet. He is a first-time candidate, a relatively newcomer to the area, and is expected to be a large area of ​​formidable Republicans, posting lukewarm funding numbers. Still, this episode represents perhaps the most violent counterattack since Mr. Trump resigned. And a potential test of the credibility of the former president’s most fierce defenders. He approved in the races above and below the vote prior to the middle of this year, but there were ongoing questions about how carefully Trump made his approval decision, some of which were from allies. Produced substantial criticism.

“In many ways, this is a watershed moment for the entire Trump team,” said conservative activist Daniel Bostic, who records the backlash in detail on his Twitter page. “And to be honest, it should be because it is perceived as a betrayal to his own base.”

Unlike many other supporters of the former president, the decision to put off Altergas soon became apparent. A candidate with her family met Trump on Monday at a property in Mar-a-Lago, Florida, where she informed him that she was thinking of running. Hours after their meeting, Trump began asking different people what he thought of Altergas.

By Tuesday evening, the former president decided to proceed with the announcement. He called former Fox News contributor 39-year-old Altergas the “absolute warrior” of his movement and issued a statement at the State Department saying “great in her role.”

“Morgan Ortagus will get my full and complete support if she decides to run!” Trump said.

Pushback was quick.

“Never,” conservative activist Ned Lun wrote on Twitter.

“No. Trump is completely wrong with this,” Owens tweeted.

“Trump is now firmly in the founding camp,” writes another conservative activist, John Cardillo.

Within hours, Bostic, the producer of Protrump’s documentary “The Conspiracy to the President,” tweeted with Biden and Ginsberg in a photo of Altergas, pointing out that he had worked on Bush’s 2016 presidential election. I started sending. The next night, the Republic’s PAC Twitter account circulated Altergas’ 2016 TV clip saying “I’m not a Trump fan.”

In some corners of Trump’s inner circle, there were complaints about what they considered impulsive, poorly planned, and unnecessary approval, especially given that Altergas was not an announced candidate. did.

However, others defended the move by saying they received widespread positive feedback about Altergas. Pushback also pointed out that while Altergas was in the State Department, and as a Fox News contributor, he firmly defended the administration’s policies and she played her role in Trump’s first campaign. Claimed to be unfair. She appeared as a guest host in “The View” in November. Altergas followed House intelligence chair Adam Schiff (D-Calif.), A prominent adversary of Trump.

With backing up from people like Robert O’Brien, Trump’s national security adviser, Altergas released a tweet announcing his support for her on Tuesday night.

There is also some skepticism in some corners of Trump’s orbit about whether Starbucks is a potentially crowded primery’s strongest candidate. Starbucks, whose real name is Robby Newsom, has built a reputation as a Twitter personality and has gained support from out-of-state Trump supporters, but he has only lived in the area for a few years and will never take office.Primary is Expected to attract many famous local civil servants..List of Potential candidate Includes former Tennessee Speaker Beth Harwell and Maury County Mayor Andy Ogles.

Aside from online backlash, it’s unclear if Altergas will actually participate in the parliamentary contest. She has begun to contact strategists and local party officials, but she has not yet made a final decision. Altergas, who has been working in the healthcare industry since the end of the Trump administration, has lived in the area for about a year.

Whether she jumped in or not, the drama became the central stage of Trump World.

During a Wednesday night fundraiser at Protrump’s mega-donor Peter Thiel’s Miami home, donors made a fuss about skirmishes and asked how support was developed, according to several attendees.

“The support for Altergas was a real shock,” Bostic said. “My phone has begun to explode.”