Trump feels the fallout of the Capitol attack hearing as his allies abandon the ship

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Somewhere in Bedminster, NJ, it seems very likely that an older man was sitting in front of a angry barking TV on Thursday afternoon.

Donald Trump, who spends the summer at his Bedminster Golf Club, is a television guy and a rating guy.Therefore, a widely aired hearing of the Parliamentary Commission investigating the January 6 attack on the US Capitol. Hit the painful part..

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The former US president was reportedly nailed to them and didn’t like what he saw. The panel presented a carefully crafted proceeding against Trump as the leader of a failed coup, so he is said to be confident that no one is in the room to speak for him.

According to close advisers, Trump “listens to all hearings,” becomes more and more angry, “to the point of screaming on television,” and “lack of defense by Capitol Hill’s allies.” .. The Washington Post reported..

He probably couldn’t force his resignation because the hearing was too late, Ministry of Justice urging criminal accusationsThey seem to be doing more political damage than anyone could have imagined.

Thursday’s 5th hearing The Canon Caucus Room is reminiscent of a magnificent ornate ballroom with closed curtains and lit lights. It brings gravity to Trump’s nailing, which is not possible with media revelations or all memoirs.

Photographers flocked around witnesses, just like the chair of the panel, the MPs. Benny ThompsonDropped Gavel, now an ominous sound for Trump, and talked about “a brave attempt to use the Justice Department to advance the president’s personal political agenda.”

Trump’s astonishment can only be exacerbated if: Republican Liz Cheney To summarize his central role in the plot to overturn the election, another Republican, Adam Kinzinger, asked a former Justice Department official. “Today, President Trump’s complete disregard for the Constitution and his oath will be fully revealed,” Kinzinger said.

Again, everything was done smoothly and efficiently. There were no interruptions, objections, points of order, or tactics to ruin. And it is said to have infuriated Trump. He is particularly critical of House minority leader Kevin McCarthy for boycotting the Commission instead of giving Republican supporters a say.

Playing cards Told to Punch Bowl News“In retrospect, I think it was very wise to add more Republicans to the committee.” “Republicans have no say. They don’t even say anything.”

McCarthy clearly bet that this would allow the Republicans to be illegitimate and partisan and to cancel the hearing in an attempt to divert attention from more pressing issues such as inflation. But the presence of Chaney, Kinzinger, and more than a dozen Republican witnesses undermined the debate.

In addition, McCarthy, who wants to be Speaker of the House of Representatives, may have forgotten that Mr. Trump is paying attention to television. On television, hearings are inevitable and will be next month, prolonging the pain. Even if they haven’t invaded Trump Base, they are invading Trump himself.

And his terrifying political instinct, which helped Hillary Clinton well and warned early that Joe Biden poses the greatest threat to his reelection, was the Commission’s January 6th. Warns Trump that his contributions to history books threaten his hopes in the 2024 presidential election.

The hearing painted a portrait of a man separated from reality, forged a delusional conspiracy theory, and placed himself in front of his country. Kinzinger said: “He was willing to sacrifice our republic to extend his presidency. I can’t imagine any more disgraceful acts by the president,” he said.They also emphasized the ruthless and cruel sources that saw him make unfounded claims no matter how. They will ruin the life of the individual..

Sources close to playing cards Told to NBC News: “I see this and say no one is watching it in America. Even with everything that’s happening in the world with Joe Biden,” Donald Trump is the next generation in America. You should be president. ” Not anyone. ‘”

Playing cards Checkered record of the endorsement This year’s Republican primary also raised questions about whether he had a firm grasp of the “Make America Great Again” movement. A hearing could turn him into a damaged merchandise, and even Die Hard in Maga could give a reason to look for a more selectable alternative.

Frank Runz, A political consultant and pollster, said: I see people leave Trump for the first time. His support is far more important than anyone else in the Republican Party, but he no longer controls the Republican Party. He is the loudest and most influential, but he loses control every day. “

The main challenger to Trump’s throne is Florida’s right-wing governor, Ron DeSantis, who has won him in polls.Opinion poll of 300 Republican voters in New Hampshire, the first presidential primary It turns out that 39% wanted DeSantis According to the University of New Hampshire Survey Center, 37% support Trump and will be the next candidate within a 5.5% margin of error.

Pam Roehl attends the Faith & Freedom Coalition conference last week in Nashville, Tennessee Told the Associated Press She still favors Trump, but finds herself in an increasingly minority among friends who have traveled. Join the “They are kind of like:” program. Why don’t you support DeSantis? She was told that she said.

If the two men face each other directly, DeSantis will be able to point out his legislative record in Florida, freeing him from the baggage of the 2020 elections and the January 6 riots. The governor, who is more than 30 years younger than Trump, will be considered a candidate for the future while the former president continues to follow the past. Trump’s big lie could cause it to prove his great responsibility.

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