Trump Furious, Supreme Court Dismisses His Challenge to Election Results


During a House Select Committee hearing on Thursday, Jan. 6, Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-Illinois) revealed a Secret Service memo dated Dec. 11, 2020. election results. Additional testimony from Trump administration officials claimed that the former president had personally accepted the election loss before the January 6, 2021 Capitol riots.

video transcript

Adam Kinzinger: At times, President Trump has acknowledged the reality of his loss. Although he publicly claimed to have won the election, he privately conceded that Joe Biden would become president.

Mark Millie: We are at the Oval and discussions are ongoing. And the president, I think it was Pompeo, and he’s saying words to the effect that yeah, we lost and we need to leave that matter to the next guy, President Biden.

Alyssa Farah: I remember stopping by the Oval Office, maybe a week after the election was called, just to headline the president and see how he was doing. He watched TV and said,

Cassidy Hutchinson: Mark brought it up with me on the 18th. And following our conversation in the motorcade back to the White House, I said, look, does the President really think he’s lost? And he said, you know, he’ll say he lost to me many times, but he wants to keep fighting it. I’m here. But you know, he pretty much admits he lost.

Adam Kinzinger: On December 11, Trump’s allies lost a case in the U.S. Supreme Court, which Trump saw as his last chance to win the case. A newly obtained Secret Service message from that day shows how angry President Trump was about the outcome. We have dismissed the lawsuit and he is furious now.”

Cassidy Hutchinson, aide to Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, attended the conversation and explained:

Cassidy Hutchinson: This is the date the Supreme Court dismissed the case. Mr. Meadows and I were at the White House mansion for a Christmas reception. That night, as we were walking home from his Christmas reception, we crossed the rose garden atrium as the President was leaving the Oval Office. The president was outraged by the Supreme Court’s ruling.

So I stood next to Mr. Meadows. But I backed off. So I was probably a few feet catty corner or diagonal from him. The president was furious about the decision, how it was wrong, why he didn’t make more calls, and his typical anger at this decision exploded.

So he was saying something in Mark’s vein that he didn’t want people to know we lost. This is embarrassing. Please understand it. we need to understand that. I don’t want people to know we lost.