Trump has asked the Court of Appeals to give him an absolute exemption from civil proceedings related to the January 6 Parliamentary riots.

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Former President Donald Trump seeks to ensure an absolute exemption from civil proceedings related to the January 6 Parliamentary riots.Seth Herald / Getty Images

  • Trump is again trying to get a complete exemption from civil lawsuits related to the Capitol riots.

  • On July 27, Trump’s team filed an application to appeal against a previous court decision.

  • The February ruling ruled that Trump could be held liable for misconduct in civil lawsuits.

Former President Donald Trump is trying to regain court to give him absolute immunity from civil proceedings related to the January 6, 2021 Parliamentary riots.

Submission to the US Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit On Wednesday, Trump’s team appealed for a reversal of U.S. district judge Amit Mehta. February decision.

Meta’s ruling said Trump could be held civilly liable in a lawsuit related to the parliamentary riots.

Keeping in mind that the word “us” is used repeatedly in Trump’s statement, this means that Trump and rally attendees “acted together toward a common goal” on January 6, 2021. Said it meant.

“That’s the essence of civil conspiracy,” the judge wrote.

The submission by Trump’s team was first shared by Politico reporter Josh Garstein. Tweet on Wednesday night..

In the filing, Trump’s lawyer argued that there were existing means of punishing the president for bad behavior without civil lawsuits.

Taking impeachment as an example, they wrote that “houses under democratic control” had already put Trump on a riot mission, claiming that further proceedings would be harassing. The Senate not guilty Trump With 57-43 votes.

They also said that the “exaggeration of the January 6 violence” should not undermine Trump’s protection from legal action as a former president.

“President Trump is protected by the absolute presidential exemption because President Trump’s remarks are of public concern and therefore within the scope of the strong discharge given to all presidents,” Trump’s team said. Said in the submitted documents.

The former president’s lawyer also said he wanted oral arguments in the case to answer “important constitutional questions” about whether Mr. Trump had absolute immunity.

The application is Rolling Stone Report that Trump believes that running for president in 2024 will give him impunity...Former President is currently facing multiple legal issues Including a financial survey of his company..

He may also face a Justice Department investigation into his role in the Capitol riots.This concept was introduced by the Attorney General Merrick Garland last week. Trying to hold to explain everyone who has the “criminal liability” of the riot.

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