Trump has released an insulting message wishing everyone a Happy Mother’s Day, including “a very unfair far-left Democratic judge.”

Donald Trump

Former President Donald Trump previously issued a statement that included insults aimed at groups having beef on Father’s Day.Brandon Bell / Getty Images

  • Donald Trump continued his attack this year with a message from Mother’s Day.

  • He sent his wishes, among other things, to “a very unfair far-left Democratic judge.”

  • He sent a similar message to “RINO and the Losers of the Other World” on Father’s Day 2021.

Former President Trump continued his tendency to make insulting messages on Mother’s Day this year and make bitter statements on holidays.

Playing cards Publish your post In Sunday’s Truth Social, independently verified by insiders, “Mother’s Day Happy for Everyone, including Racists, Malicious, Very Partisan, Political Motivations, and Very Unfair Far-Left Democratic Judges.” I bid.

Mr. Trump wasn’t the only one calling. He also “unknowingly” campaigned against him, emphasizing “prosecutors, district attorneys, and attorney generals” who “endlessly promised” him. ..

“After years of persecution, even fake news says there are no incidents, or at best, it will be very difficult to bring in. Someday they will start fighting RECORD SETTING violent crimes.” The message continues.

After a series of insults, Trump ended his message with “I love you all!”.

At the time of the press, Trump’s posts were rated more than 55,000 times, and “ReTruthed” (platform version of the retweet) was rated more than 15,600 times.

This statement seemed to imply Trump’s legal problems.He is now Fight the Trump Organization investigation of New York Attorney General Letitia James..

The former president was fined $ 10,000 a day from April 26, after Judge Arthur Engoron of the New York Supreme Court. Trump was accused of contempt of court for failing to follow the subpoena on James’ records and documents..Playing cards James is currently fined over $ 100,000 and Appeal for insult orders..

Trump has the habit of sending statements, including inside-out comments and insults, on such occasions.Last June, Trump We have issued a statement wishing “Happy Father’s Day for everyone, including the Far Left, RINO and other world losers.”

And in 2019, the then president sent a tweet attacking his opponent on his way to golf with Senator Lindsey Graham. Hill,

“Everyone has Happy Father’s Day, including my worst and most vicious critics. There are fewer and fewer critics. This is a great time to be an American! Keep it in great shape! ”Read Trump’s tweet dated June 16, 2019.

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