Trump held a secret meeting a few days before the Capitol attack, a former spokesman told the panel.

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Former White House spokesman Stephanie Grisham told the House Elections Committee investigating the attack on the Capitol: Donald Trump Two sources familiar with the matter said they hosted a secret meeting at the White House residence in the days prior to January 6.

Former Senior Aide Trump also said that details on whether Trump actually intended to march to the Capitol after his speech at the Elliptical Rally will be commemorated in a document provided to the US Secret Service, House Investigator. Told to.

Interviews with the selection committee with Grisham, who was Chief of Staff when Melania Trump resigned on January 6, were more important than expected, sources said, and what Trump’s White House and former U.S. President had previously done. An attack on the Capitol that gave the panel new details about what it was doing.

Grisham remembers how the former president held an off-book meeting in the White House’s residence, and in the last few days of chaos at the Trump White House leading up to the attack on the Capitol. Sources said they gave the house investigator an overview.

The secret meeting was clearly known only to a few aides, sources said. Grisham said they were primarily scheduled by Trump’s Chief of Staff. Mark Meadows, And former chief usher Timothy Harles will move the participants upstairs, sources said.

According to Melania Trump’s former White House aide, Harles, a former guest room manager at the Trump International Hotel before moving to the White House with Trump in 2017, was once one of the most trusted employees of the former First Family. did.

However, after Harles tried to satisfy the Biden transition team after Trump was defeated in the 2020 election to maintain the role of the White House, Melania Trump intervenes to keep him until Biden’s inauguration. Earlier, Trump and Meadows fired him.

Grisham said he didn’t know exactly who Trump met in the White House dwelling, but provided Harles’ name and the identities of other Trump aides in the guide’s office who might know the meeting. , Told the selection committee.

Parents Previously reported On the eve of the Capitol attack, Trump called several times from the Yellow Oval Room and other parts of the White House’s residence to the adjutant of the Willard Hotel in Washington, telling him to disqualify Joe Biden.

As another former Trump administration official said he felt less oversight of West Wing aides than the Oval Office, Trump moved more and more back into the White House’s residence as he advanced to the presidency.

Towards the end of the presidency, former Trump administration officials said that former White House adviser Peter Navarro’s aide quietly guided Trump to Sidney Powell, a lawyer lying about election fraud. He said he tried to talk.

A spokesperson for the selection committee declined to comment on Grisham’s interview during the first week of January. When Harles called last week, he didn’t answer questions about the meeting at the White House residence.

In a few hours of interviews, Grisham said Trump’s White House document could solve the mystery over Trump’s promise at the Ellipse rally to march to the Capitol with his supporters. I told the house investigator.

The intention of the former president to go to the Capitol has emerged as an important issue for the election committee when considering whether it is Trump. Oversaw a criminal plot Coordinate his political plan to riot Biden’s certification.

Trump’s promise serves as one of the main motivations for his supporters to march to the Capitol with militia groups like Oath Keepers, and far-right activists like Alex Jones to encourage crowds along the route. It is important because it was used by.

However, Trump never went to the Capitol and instead returned to the White House. There he saw the attack unfold on television – Notification from the Secret Service Before the riot that they could not guarantee his safety if he marched to the Capitol.

The commission is now trying to figure out if Trump has promised to instigate a riot that has suspended certification and probably does not intend to honor him.

Mr. Grisham told the selection committee about Mr. Trump’s intentions and whether the Secret Service was informed that Mr. Trump had decided not to go to the Capitol. ..

Special Committee Chairman Bennie Thompson told reporters that the panel had already sought information from Secret Services about Trump’s plans for January 6 and Vice President Mike Pence’s evacuation strategy at the time.

However, the president’s line sent to the Secret Service may reveal a debate about security concerns and suggest new investigations into why the assessment of a condition that is too dangerous for the president was not further disseminated. ..

Grisham also told the selection committee about the necessary coordination between the Trump White House, the Secret Service, and the organizers of the “Save America” ​​rally in the Ellipse on January 6th to ensure the emergence of Trump. rice field.

Former Trump aide, after hearing about Trump’s existence, decided to speak at the rally and suggested to the selection committee that he was always on the phone to oversee the optics of the event, sources said. Stated.