Trump in 2024?He just says “Republicans” will win

Palm Beach, Florida (AP) — Former President Donald Trump confirms his commitment to the Republican Party and raises the likelihood that someone else will be the next president-elect of the GOP in a private speech to donors on Saturday night. It’s a schedule.

Trump’s message, outlined in a prepared statement obtained by the Associated Press, downplays Trump’s continued leadership in Republican politics, the party’s commitment to financing, and the party’s feud within the 2024 plan. Come when you’re trying. Trump’s adviser reports that he emphasizes the party, united, he is famous for unscripting.

“We’ll meet tonight to discuss the future of the Republican Party and what we have to do to lead the candidates to victory,” Trump said in a prepared statement. “I will stand in front of you tonight, regain the House of Representatives in 2022, regain the Senate, and in 2024, Republican candidates will win the White House.”

The former president will make his remarks in a closed room at his Florida resort, Marago, in the final speech of the Republican National Committee’s weekend donor summit in Palm Beach. Most of RNC’s invitation-only weekend rallies were held at a luxury hotel four miles away, but attendees were taken by bus to Trump’s club for his remarks.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis will also address the donor on Saturday night. At the beginning of the weekend, a large number of candidates who had already placed themselves for the 2024 presidential election appeared. In addition to DeSantis, potential White House candidates included South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem and Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton. House minority leader Kevin McCarthy and Senator, Florida’s Rick Scott and Marco Rubio, and South Carolina’s Lindsey Graham also spoke.

In his remarks on Friday night, Cotton devoted himself to the Republican cultural war and the Democrats against the Major League Baseball decision to move the All-Star game to protest transgender youth, voter identity law, and Republican voting law. Attacked the position of. Prepared remarks.

While key Republican factions want to overcome Trump’s split leadership, the weekend rally location has been taken by Trump as its undisputed leader and chief fundraiser, at least for now. It suggests that it is not ready to replace.

Trump’s team reports that his remarks are intended to reinforce his ongoing leadership role in Republican affairs. This is a sharp breakthrough from the former president.

“Saturday’s speech will welcome Republican donors visiting Mar-a-Lago to hear directly from President Trump,” said Trump adviser Jason Miller. .. “

Despite Saturday’s intended message, Trump’s commitment to the Republican Party is uncertain.

Earlier that year, he raised the possibility of creating a new political party. And just a month ago, Trump’s Political Action Committee wrote to RNC and others, saying, “President Donald J. Trump’s name, image, and / or all funding, persuasion, and / or portrait. I asked you to stop the abuse immediately and stop it, or issue a letter. “

Republican officials have downplayed funding tensions and repeatedly attempted to see Trump’s participation as a sign that he was willing to lend his name to the party. At the same time, Trump continues to actively accumulate cash in the campaign to stimulate his own political ambitions.

Trump has also regularly attacked Republican critics, especially Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell and Third House Republican Liz Cheney, in recent weeks. Neither attended the weekend donor summit.

In his speech on Saturday, Trump did not attack Cheney, McConnell, or Republicans, at least according to his script statement.