Trump includes himself in the “very stupid” of fraudulent voting fraud statements


Sputtering Donald TrumpFurious at the fraudulent presidential elections he makes unfounded allegations, he himself during “very stupid” or “very corrupt” in the confusing syntax of the message he shared on Saturday. I decided to include myself.

Trump used double negation in a sentence posted by his paid aide Liz Harrington on her Twitter account, twisting the message into something that was probably the opposite of what he intended.

“People who don’t think there was no major fraud in the 2020 presidential election are either very stupid or very corrupt!” I read his message.

Mr. Trump, in his own message, does not believe that there was no major fraudulent election, calling him “very stupid or very corrupt.”He was probably going to mention people who didn’t believe it was Large-scale fraudulent elections.

Twitter critics loved it.

Twitter has again stopped Harrington from posting Trump’s statement on her account, as she does every day, even though Trump has been banned from Twitter. The company has a policy that prohibits other accounts from being used as a platform for accounts that are banned from Twitter, but does not enforce a policy with Harrington.

Trump’s message was still up at the beginning of Sunday, with the double negative intact.

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