Trump is ‘descending into the depths of darkness’, warns ex-Aide Mike Pence

donald trump’s disturbing dinner at Mar-a-Lago Last week with a white supremacist who denies the Holocaust Nick Fuentes Further proof that Trump has slipped into ‘deepest darkness’ since losing the 2020 election, the former Vice President’s former chief of staff Mike Pence Said.

of dinner Last Tuesday, with Fuentes Yeformerly known as Kanye West, was “incredibly bad judgment” by Pence’s former chief of staff Trump Mark Short said on sunday “State of the Union” on CNN.

“No excuses,” he added.

Short said he agreed with the former New Jersey governor’s comments. Chris Christie (R), he said at a dinner on Friday that Trump “Unsupportable” Candidates for PresidentBoth Christy and Pence may decide to launch their own campaigns for the presidential election.

Short pointed out that Trump’s meeting with Fuentes and Ye was ironic given that Trump’s daughter Ivanka converted to Judaism.

However, “since the 2020 election, [former] The president has descended into the depths of darkness here,” Short said. “I think it’s a big challenge. [and] Another reason the Republican Party is looking the other way in 2024. “

CNN political commentator Ashley Allison said the dinner was not surprising.

Allison made Short that in 2017 in Charlottesville, Virginia, Trump supporters under Nazi flags marched in front of protesters chanting that “Jews will never replace us.” reminded me.

“Why would you be surprised that he took an anti-Semite out to dinner with him?” she asked. “Donald Trump is homophobic. He’s anti-Semitic and does racist things,” she added. If he becomes president again, “it will continue to polarize us and heighten tensions of hate and violence,” she added.

Fuentes was a prominent racist and anti-Semite, deny women the right to voteYe vowed to go on Twitter in October.Descon 3” About the Jews.

Trump claims he is unaware of prominent political activists endorsed by Republican lawmakers who are Trump’s own allies. marjorie taylor green (Ga.) and Paul Gossard (Arizona). However, eyewitnesses report: Trump praised Fuentes at dinner.

He also claimed that he was primarily just giving business advice. Ye recently recovered from some lucrative sponsorships following his anti-Semitic tweets and comments.

In another post on True Social, Trump later called Ye “man with serious problems

Ye claimed he asked Trump to do so his The Vice President, and that Trump “yelled” at him at dinner. However, according to eyewitness reports, Trump praised Fuentes for dining with him.