Trump is desperate to get credit for the COVID-19 vaccine, but his political center is reluctant to actually take them

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  • Trump has long longed to recognize the achievements of the COVID-19 vaccine developed during his presidency.

  • However, Axios reported that the Trump voting county had a high vaccine repellent rate.

  • Other factors, such as poverty and lack of access to vaccines, may also help explain the correlation.

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Former President Donald Trump does not keep secret that he wants to acknowledge the existence of the COVID-19 vaccine, but the data show that his supporters are likely not yet wanting a shot. I will.

Playing cards have been for a long time I’m worried that everyone will never forget One of the greatest advances since his presidency: Vaccines.

One of the most famous shots developed in the United States at record speed- Made by moderna -Was the main beneficiary of the Trump administration Operation Warp Speed..

In November he went up Recognize Pfizer’s Vaccine AchievementDespite not being developed under a government initiative.

It lasted until his presidency.At an event at Mar-a-Lago last week, he vaccinated Republican donors Should be called “Trump Shin”.

Operation Warp Speed ​​of Trump Vaccine

Trump greets the crowd before leaving for the Operation Warp Speed ​​Vaccine Summit in Washington, DC, December 8, 2020. Tasoska Topodis / Getty Images

Vaccine deployment is accelerating rapidly under President Joe Biden, with 100 million people taking at least the first shot. Within his first 3 months..

But according to Axios, Its uptake is slow in the center of Trump itself.

Axios processed data from the CDC and the New York Times to show that counties with a high percentage of people voting for Trump in the last presidential election correlate with a high percentage of hesitation.

That was certainly the case in March in one of the smaller Cimarron counties that strongly supported Trump in Oklahoma. When CNN asks a customer at Diner If anyone intends to get the vaccine. No one raised his hand and the network had a hard time interviewing people who trusted it.

However, experts told Axios that it might be a mistake to over-characterize the issue in line with political policy.

Outlets say that in many red states, the proportion of African Americans is high and they are more likely to “wait and see” before vaccination.

Also, hesitation is not the only cause of low vaccine intake in Trump-supported areas.

“People who believed in Trump and voted for Trump may not want to be vaccinated, and they may have done a poor job of making vaccines available at those locations,” Brown University public said. Ashish Jha, Dean of the Faculty of Health, said. , Told the outlet.

He added that oversimplifying correlations can be “really, really” harmful.

In any case, the problem is worried because of another relationship-people in the areas with the lowest vaccination rates are also the most vulnerable to the virus in the first place, Axios reported.

by CDC Social Vulnerability Index, These areas have poor transportation, high poverty rates and crowded housing. All of these increase the risk in the event of a public health crisis.

Trump has spoken far more about the success of vaccine development as a political outcome than about its medical benefits.

That doesn’t mean he completely discouraged it- In March Fox News appearance He recommended taking a shot. However, there have been multiple opportunities for the former president, who is friendly to publicity, to be characteristically shy to promote it.

In particular, he was the only living former president Did not participate in the enlightenment advertisement I advocate its advantages.

It took more than two months for the news to appear that he and the former First Lady Melania Trump had. Quietly vaccinated in January..

Meanwhile, Trump supporters remain skeptical about the deadlines for vaccines and the virus itself.

As reported by insider Tom PorterFox News’ Protrump Prime Time hosts, such as Laura Ingraham, Sean Hannity, and Tucker Carlson, have all questioned the safety and efficacy of vaccines since Biden’s acquisition.

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