Trump is working on the Republican Party as a force to shape the decline of national debate

Washington (AP) — Former President Donald Trump claims he enjoys life on Twitter. He says the press releases that his aides fire more and more often are more “elegant.” In addition, there is no risk of repulsion from retweet an offensive account.

However, Trump was locked out of major social media channels after inciting a deadly riot at the US Capitol on January 6, testing his ability to shape national conversations.

Trump transformed from a reality television star into a politician and president by bending communication and media tools into his will. He continues to connect with his supporters through releases and appearances on Fox News and other conservative outlets, repeating false information about the 2020 elections. And he continues to be a powerful Republican force, starring at the Republican National Committee event on Saturday at his Ma Ah Lago Club.

Still, the turmoil he once enjoyed in American life seems to be eroding, at least for now.

Harold Holzer, director of the Roosevelt House Institute for Public Policy at Hunter College and historian who wrote a book about the president and the press, said, “Unless Mr. Trump becomes a candidate again, it will never be the same. Would be. ” It is unnatural that the coverage will decrease. Given how much oxygen he breathes in and how much ink he produces, I think his ego is tough, but it’s not unnatural for the former president to get too much attention. “

Nevertheless, it was a dramatic adjustment. According to a GDELT analysis of the TV news archive, Trump’s tweets were used to drive the news cycle, with CNN, MSNBC and Fox News spending dozens of hours a week displaying his messages. Since he was locked out of Twitter and other platforms, Trump can no longer speak directly to a wide range of his audience and to conservative and mainstream media with his supporters to amplify his message. You have to rely on it.

To make up for the ongoing power outage, Trump’s aide has sent out statements and support that often sound similar to the tweets he dictated. “Happy Easter for everyone, including the radical left-wing crazy who wants to cheat our presidential election and destroy our country!” Read what was sent by his Political Action Committee. (“Happy Easter!” Was a more modest version provided by his official government agency.)

At the same time, Trump has increased his appearance in the conservative media — even sitting with his daughter-in-law for her online program. But some of these comments are increasingly wary of mainstream outlets, which have long been criticized for allowing Trump to direct the press, to repeat his falsehood, especially with respect to the 2020 elections. It resonated because it came to be.

Trump is still in the press, but as the Washington Post pointed out this week, Google search results for his name are at their lowest since 2015. And on late-night television, some have tried to scrape him off completely, with Stephen Colbert, the host of the “late show,” refusing to say his name.

Five years after playing cards all over the wall, the contrast is jarring.

Ari Fleischer, a spokesman for George W. Bush, said, “He sucked up a different amount of oxygen than the former president, but much in that he currently has less oxygen. It’s more and more like the former president of. ” That’s the reality of the former president, but Freisher argued that Trump continued to “close” within the party and could return to the spotlight if he chose to run again.

And while cable news’s dominance plummeted from its peak in the fall of 2016, GDELT data shows that it retains its presence on the cable news channel, even when mentioned tens of thousands of times a month.

Caleb Latard, the creator of the project, said: “It shows that even in the absence of two months, he is still very close.”

Most of Trump’s remarks are relatively unreported, but dominate news coverage, as if he accused Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell of being a “moody, moody, unsmiling political hack.” Did. 44 minutes.

“President Trump is the largest news generator in American history. There was no media interest of this kind in the post-presidential careers of Clinton, Bush, and Obama,” said Jason Miller, a spokesman for Trump.

Others see it differently.

“I think he lost all the momentum when he was pulled off the platform. Politics has momentum and he has nothing now,” said presidential historian Douglas Brinkley.

Trump tried to inject himself into news coverage, but Brinkley said his comments were treated as an add-on to coverage primarily focused on other issues. “I used to shoot tweets like Zeus, which were like thunder from high places, but now they’re a little squeak from Mar-a-Lago’s mouse,” he said. It was.

Still, Trump remains a Republican commander. His support is highly sought after for the 2022 Republican primary. And he continues to flirt openly by running for president again in 2024.

And Holzer could reappear if Trump is allowed to rejoin Twitter, or if he carries out a much-promoted plan to launch his own social media outlet. I believe.

GOP strategist Alex Connant claims that Trump’s power is “declining day by day” as other Republicans plan to do so in 2024, making Trump part of his daily conversation. He said he could take a more strategic approach if he wanted to stay.

“When you’re the president of the United States, it’s very easy to insert yourself into every news cycle, but once you leave the office, it has to be more strategic,” Conant said. Told. He provided a series of major speeches for a prime time interview or about the future of the party.

Freisher also argued that Mr. Trump could have greater influence by following in the footsteps of Presidents Bush and Obama.

“The risk of the former president is the risk of being seen as a former senator, former senator, or contributor who appears on television on a fairly regular basis. The former president should be in a high position,” he said. “But Donald Trump has always done something different and has had some success,” he said.