Trump jokes about COVID risk and promotes his “good relationship” with the Taliban at the Araba Rally


Via Twitter

Via Twitter

Republicans Alabama held a former starring rally on Saturday night President Donald TrumpPromoted a “good relationship” with the Taliban and avoided the risk of COVID-19 outbreaks at large events.

President Trump boasted an intimate relationship with Tullivan, who described him as a “great negotiator” and a “tough fighter” after tearing President Joe Biden for admitting the “weakness of the White House.” .. When I was in the office, the Taliban never dreamed of occupying our airfield or parading with American weapons. “

He then seemed to suggest that more US troops should probably be sent back to Afghanistan. There, the Biden administration handled the withdrawal of US troops originally mediated by Trump, causing confusion and facing bipartisan anger.

“What do you know, we have to come in, and when it’s right we have to come in, and now we may have to come in, … We may have to enter, and we may not be forced, but we may be forced to enter and if not ready to enter 45,000 You will never meet people again. If they do not think you are ready to enter, you will never meet them again. “

It wasn’t clear which “45,000” Trump was referring to, but the Biden administration said that as many as 15,000 Americans remained in Afghanistan after the Taliban took over, and the United States remained until all Americans were evacuated. The military said it would stay in Afghanistan.

Elsewhere in his speech, Trump failed to “stop the virus” before shrugging the risk of an outbreak at a Saturday night rally amid a catastrophic surge in Alabama infections. By doing so, Biden was blown up.

“I’m shaking hands with everyone behind the scenes. I don’t know, is this good or bad? Maybe I’ll read about it in three or four days. It doesn’t work. “He said.

As members of the crowd responded negatively, he simply urged supporters to “vaccine.” “It’s okay, it’s okay. You got your freedom. But you happened to be vaccinated …. But you have freedom and you have to maintain it, and You have to bring your child back to school. “

“Can you imagine I’m president and the virus is rampant? … it’s actually tougher than the Taliban, so I have to be honest with you,” he said.

Kalman, the city where the rally was held, declared a state of emergency on Friday prior to the rally. Local officials and hospital managers said the current staff were so nervous about caring for coronavirus patients that they needed additional resources to handle the rally.

“We want to prevent as much as possible that is not related to COVID, so that we can use that resource to focus on pandemics and their variants. I don’t want to put a burden on you. ” Said Luke Satterfield, a lawyer in Kalman City.

Alabama’s vaccination rate lags behind other US COVID-19s, and Alabama’s entire emergency room beds are extremely full, so the manager of one of the state’s largest hospital chains This week, the number of beds available is the number of patients whose Alabama capacity was “negative” at 29 beds.

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