Trump Jr. gets a real-life check after comparing the United States with the communist Czechoslovakia

Donald Trump Jr. He was ridiculed this week after he compared the shortage of certain U.S. products under the president Joe Biden To live in the communist Czechoslovakia in the 1980s.

Trump Jr. said during a conversation at Newsmax on Saturday Sebastian Gorka, Right-wing media personality and former aide Donald Trump..

Gorka asks Trump Jr. to discuss an “empty shelf” and Cargo ship backlog In California, due to supply chain issues, he considered his “perspective” as a person who “traveled behind the Iron Curtain and saw real socialism as a kid.”

“When the conservatives say,’They are socialists. The Democrats have become radical.” This is not an exaggeration, isn’t it? You saw it, don, “Gorka added.

Trump Jr.’s mother, Ivana Trump, grew up in Czechoslovakia and first moved to Canada in the 1970s and then to the United States.He told Gorka that his Czech grandparents wanted him to understand the “freedom and blessings we have here” in the United States.

“So I traveled there with them every summer, you know, six or eight weeks. I was waiting in those bread lines,” Trump Jr. said. That father It was worth more than $ 1 billion in the 1980s. “The empty shelves I experienced in the American Communist Czechoslovakia in the 1980s are now beginning to appear.”

US grocery stores have problems with certain product inventories due to coronavirus pandemics, labor shortages, and congested shipments at the Port of Los Angeles.

With some social media users Conservative media personality Shows an image of an empty shelf to attack Biden in a supply chain issue.However, some of these images Turned out to be a photo from years ago..

Trump Jr. has been accused on social media for ridiculous comparisons. Many people pointed out this at the peak of the pandemic during the Trump administration last year. The shelves of stores nationwide were exposed Of certain necessities People lined up for miles For blocks in the car or on foot to get help from the food bank.

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