Trump lashed out at committee vote on Jan. 6 and served him a subpoena

Former President Trump on Thursday dismissed a vote by a House committee to subpoena him to testify about the events of Jan. 6, 2021, in a publicity stunt.

“Why didn’t the selection committee ask me to testify months ago?” Trump posted on Truth Social shortly after a House panel investigated the Capitol riots on Jan. 6. Did. voted for subpoena he.

“Why did they wait until the very end, until the very last minute of the last meeting? Do – the laughing stock of the world? Mr Trump continued.

A 9-man committee on Thursday announced that a pro-Trump mob will storm the Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021, to stop certification of the 2020 election results.

“He is the only person at the center of the story of what happened on January 6th, so we want to hear from him. We must do everything in our power to provide recommendations to prevent something like this from happening again. It must be done impartially and thoroughly to get the full context of the evidence obtained.” Chairman Benny Thompson (D-Miss.) said before the vote.

Thompson said the subpoena was also meant to hold Trump accountable for his attempt to overturn the election results that led to the Jan. 6 riots.

But the subpoena is unlikely to lead to Trump’s testimony. The former president has repeatedly derided the investigation as a partisan witch hunt and is expected to challenge the subpoena in court.

“Today, 26 days before the midterm elections, America is truly a country in decline. Spokesperson Taylor Gravitch tweeted.

“But instead of using the last days of power to make American lives better, Democrats are doubling and tripling the partisan play. I have no interest in leading the country,” he continued. “They are simply bitter, power-hungry and desperate. America First leadership and solutions are back.Make America Great Again!”

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