Trump launched a lie-filled attack on Ilhan Omar and called on her to apologize for Somalia, who “abandoned the country in front of her” she fled as a young girl.


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  • Trump issued a lie-filled statement about Omar in response to Bobert’s comments on Islamophobia.

  • “House member Ilhan Omar should apologize for essentially abandoning her former country,” he wrote.

  • Bobert may face criticism by the House of Representatives after a successful call to Omar.

Former President Donald Trump issued a lie-filled statement on Tuesday demanding that Minnesota Democrat Ilhan Omar apologize for “abandoning his country.”

“Ilhan Omar, a member of the House of Representatives, needs to apologize for marrying his brother, committing large-scale immigration and fraudulent elections, hoping for Israel’s death, and essentially abandoning his former country without even a government. That’s what she wants for the United States. “

A Somali-American refugee, Minnesota Parliamentarian was born in 1982 in Somalia. Omar, along with his father and his brother, went into exile in the United States in 1995 at an early age.

In the tweet in July 2019, Trump told Omar and three Democrats to “go back and repair the place where the broken crimes they came from were rampant.” All four are American citizens, and only Omar was born outside the United States.

NS Unconfirmed rumors that Omar’s ex-husband, British national Ahmed Null Sayed Elmi, is her brother And she married him and helped distribute green cards around the internet and the right-wing blogosphere for years before he was promoted to former president.

Omar called the rumor “ridiculous and unpleasant” and released a long statement and timeline of her marriage in 2016.

Outlets including Minneapolis Star Tribune When Washington Examiner While Omar was legally married to Elumi, he discovered public records and documents showing that he lived with her other ex-husband, Ahmed Hirschi.However No evidence, Like a birth certificate, has emerged to suggest that Elumi is her brother.

Theory is also undermined by the fact that all Omar brothers have acquired refugee status in the United States, where the brothers sponsor each other for status of residence and a green card (denying the need for fraudulent marriage). can. Elmi left the United States and returned to England just two years after her marriage to Omar.

As Trump claims in his statement, Omar also did not want “death to Israel”, and there is no evidence that she was involved. All kinds of “massive” immigrants Also Electoral fraud.

Trump’s statement is Islamophobia Comments Republican Rep. Lauren Boebert recently made About Omar. Bobert called the Muslim Omar part of the “Jihad Squad,” and when he stepped into the elevator with Bobert and Omar, police officers in the Capitol “had frets all over his face.” Insisted.

A Colorado parliamentarian said in a comment suggesting that Omar was a terrorist, “Well, she doesn’t have a backpack. We should be fine.”

She talked about similar Islamophobia about Omar At the September event in New York, CNN reported.

Bobert Issued an apology statement on Friday “For everyone in the Islamic community, I was angry with my comments about Congressman Omar.”

Omar and Bobert made a tense call on Monday, Omar urged Omar to end the conversation, and Bobert urged her to claim she hung up in an Instagram video.

In response to Bobert’s first comment, Omar called on Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and minority leader Kevin McCarthy to “take appropriate action,” and “normalizing this prejudice is only my life. It puts the lives of all Muslims at risk, “he added.

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