Trump makes false claims about Arizona audits

Phoenix (AP) — Former President Donald Trump issued three statements in two days, falsely claiming that fraudulent voting and fraud had sacrificed Arizona’s electoral college votes.

Trump relied on comments made Thursday by a contractor hired by the State Senate Republicans to oversee the Partisan Review of 2020 votes in Maricopa County, including Metro Phoenix.

The “forensic audit,” which Senate Republican leaders are calling for reviews, is overseen by Cyber ​​Ninja, a small computer security company with no election experience, before Trump begins to question the results of 2020. Its CEO, Doug Logan, spread a false conspiracy theory about elections before being hired to lead a review in Arizona.

Digital forensic analysts Logan and Ben Cotton, who are working on the audit, explained the issues they say need further consideration. Trump made them parrots as evidence that the election results were contaminated.

County officials and election experts say the claim is false and is based on a misunderstanding of election materials.

Trump most specifically stated his claim in a statement on Friday night. Look at the irregularities he claims in that statement.

Trump: “168,000 fraudulent ballots printed on illegal paper (unofficial ballots)”

Fact: It’s all wrong. The ballot was neither informal nor printed on illegal paper. Even Logan did not claim that they were fraudulent.

Logan pointed to the ballot with the print slightly offset between the front and back. He argued that this could count the votes of the wrong candidate if the ink oozes from one side to the other. He said the placement issue was primarily from polling place ballots, which were printed on-site and about 168,000 ballots were so cast. The overwhelming majority of Arizona voters voted by mail.

“We see a lot of very thin paper inventories being used, especially on election days,” Logan added.

The claim is Uncovered The “Sharpie Gate” conspiracy theory that arose in the days following the election. According to election experts, bleed-through does not affect the number of votes because the bubbles on one side of the ballot do not match the bubbles on the other. Unreadable ballots are flagged and duplicated by bipartisan teams.

The ballot in the Arizona election procedure only states that the ballot “must be printed in black ink on thick white paper so that the print is not identified on the back of the ballot.” Maricopa County is using Roland’s £ 80 Votesecur paper, one of the papers approved by Dominion Voting Systems, which manufactures county counting equipment, and county spokesman Fields Moseley. Said.

Logan said he did not provide evidence that the coordination issue affected the number of votes, and that the issue needs further analysis.


Mr. Trump quotes “74,000 unmailed ballots (ballots that look magical) out of the ballots I received.”

Fact: No, there was no ballot that magically appeared. He claims that the number of completed ballots received by mail by the election authorities exceeded the number of people who had previously requested mail ballots by 74,000. But that didn’t happen at all.

Claim Wrong characteristics of reports prepared for political parties Track early voters so you can target your voting efforts.

One report tracks all requests made by voters for early voting, either by mail or directly, up to 11 days before the election. Another report tracks all ballots received up to the day before the election. This leaves a window for 10 days, during which people who vote directly but do not request a mail ballot will appear in one report but not in the other.


“After the election, 11,000 voters were added to the electoral list and continued to vote,” Trump claims.

Fact: There is nothing wrong with increasing the electoral list after the election date. The role is simply updated to reflect the people added to the tally on the interim ballot after the election authorities have confirmed that they are eligible to vote.

The allegation that the updated tally was the result of the electoral list first came when Logan told state legislators last week that “11,326 people did not appear on the November 7th voter list after voting.” Was issued to. But then it appeared on the voter list on December 4th. “

Maricopa County officials said Logan probably referred to provisional ballots cast by people who were not on the electoral list or did not have proper identification on the day of the election. They are only counted if the voter indicates that he or she is eligible to vote later. To qualify, such voters must be registered before the deadline.

“These go through a rigorous verification process to ensure that provisional ballots are counted only if voters are eligible to vote in the election,” Maricopa County officials wrote on Twitter. “This happens after the election day. Only voters are added to the voter list.”


“All access logs to the machine were cleared and the election server was hacked during the election,” Trump claims.

Fact: It flies in the face of evidence. The Maricopa County election server was not connected to the internet, and an independent auditor found no evidence that the election server was hacked.

Alleged hacking of Trump refers to the unauthorized download of public data from the county’s voter registration system. Connected to the Internet and widely accessible to political parties and election workers, the system is not linked to an election management system, the ballot counter web, or a computer or server that aggregates votes.

The election management system is either an “air gap” or remains disconnected from the county’s other computer networks and the wider Internet. Two companies certified by the US Election Assistance Commission to test the voting system have found that Maricopa County machines are not connected to the Internet. No malicious hardware or software was installed.


Trump: “Arizona shows many times more fraud and voting irregularities than is needed to change the outcome of elections.”

Fact: Not so. The number of potential fraud cases is far less than the margin of President Joe Biden’s victory in Arizona.

According to the Associated Press, county election officials have identified 182 cases in which the voting issue was clear enough to refer to investigators for further review. Research. So far, only four cases have been prosecuted, including one identified in another state investigation. No one has been convicted. Nobody’s vote was counted twice.

Biden won Arizona with 10,457 votes out of a cast of 3.4 million people. Of the four cases that led to criminal accusations, two were Democratic voters and two were Republicans.


Editor’s Note — See the credibility of politicians’ claims.


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