Trump makes video speech at Conservative party rally in Spain


MADRID—Former President Donald Trump on Sunday expressed his support for Spain’s conservative party, and also picked up messages by major stars of Europe’s populist right, such as Italy’s Giorgia Meloni and Hungary’s Victor Orban, in Madrid. screened at the meeting.

In a short recording, Trump thanked Spain’s Vox party and its leader Santiago Abascal for what he called a “great job.”

“We need to protect our borders and do a lot of very good conservative things,” Trump said. “Spain is a great country and we want to keep this great country. Congratulations to Vox for sending so many wonderful messages to the people of Spain and the world. .”

Vox was in the national spotlight in the Spanish political landscape in 2019. After the election, Vox became his third largest force in the Spanish parliament, leading to a national left-wing coalition that still holds power.

Abaskar returned the praise as he took the stage at the outdoor venue after further video messages by right-wing politicians from Europe and South America and a direct speech by Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki.

“Thank you President Donald Trump for being a visionary in the fight for sovereign nations and a visionary in the fight for secure borders. [attacks] Abascal addressed an audience of thousands, many of whom waved red-and-yellow Spanish flags.

The annual rally came just weeks after Abascal and the rest of Europe’s conservatives celebrated the victory of Meloni’s Italian Party brothers.

Meloni’s recorded message lasted several minutes and focused on her priorities as she prepared to become Prime Minister of Italy. That is to raise the energy price cap and restore economic independence in the European Union.

“We are not monsters, people get it. Long live Vox, long live Spain, long live Italy, long live European patriots,” Meloni said. “Only by winning in our countries can Europe become the political giant we want it to be, rather than the bureaucratic giant.”

Vox and its supporters hope Meloni’s surge in Italy will spill over into Spain.

Francisco Hermida, a 25-year-old entrepreneur who attended the rally, said: “Meloni’s victory has given us reason to believe that this is possible and that our side is not demonized in Europe.

For years, Trump and other popular right-wing leaders in the world have tried to combine what they describe as a support network with a winner-takes-all struggle against the political left. traveled to the United States to speak with the leaders of the United States and met with Trump.

The Vox rally also included video appearances from former Colombian President Alvaro Uribe, Chilean right-wing politician José Antonio Custo, daughter of former interim president of Bolivia Janine Agnes, and Senator Ted Cruz (Republican Texas). .

“On the one hand, we have the global elite and the global left, who are increasingly hard-line and violent, and on the other hand, we have conservative populists, who share the values ​​of God, country, family and freedom.” Cruz said: “Sometimes the left wins dangerously, as we’ve seen in Colombia. Sometimes the good guys win, as we’ve seen in Italy.”

Cruz said he is looking forward to a Republican sweep in next month’s midterm elections. Trump is campaigning for a right-wing candidate in his Nov. 8 election and is considering another presidential run for the 2024 ballot.

Associated Press