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The last groove plot that undermines Biden’s elections will be a complete QAnon

Photo Illustrated by The Daily Beast / Getty The ongoing “audit” of the 2020 presidential election in Maricopa County, Arizona draws clues directly from a man closely linked to QAnon conspiracy theory. President Joe Biden has won in Arizona and Maricopa County. 2020 elections, victory backed by multiple bipartisan reviews. But last week, a Republican-led coalition launched its own recount of Maricopa County votes. This is a process led by the technology CEO tweeting the plot and funded by an unknown donor slate. The aggregation has just begun, but the audit is almost complete. It is inseparable from the far right Internet. There, audit watchers share security tips and concerns provided by Ron Watkins, a man suspected of helping the QAnon boom. Audits are non-binding. The Republican Governor, Secretary of State, and Chief Justice of Arizona have all previously proved Biden’s victory. Nonetheless, the recount was accepted by a conspiracy set trying to cast doubt on the 2020 elections, including former President Donald Trump himself. Watkins is a former administrator of 8kun, a forum that hosted the QAnon conspiracy theory that falsely accused Trump’s enemies. Devilish pedophilia and cannibalism. The new HBO documentary claims that Watkins is one of the authors behind the conspiracy theory. Watkins, who did not return a request for comment, denies that he is an anonymous “Q”. He was a partner of “QAnon”. Now he wants to arrest them. It didn’t stop him from infusing extra delusions. Even before the audit began, Watkins suggested that it could be attacked by riots. “Will Maricopa County deploy police to protect auditors from riots?” He posted on his Telegram channel in mid-April. “Will the police stop? Without physical security, information security cannot be ensured.” Not only those who are adjacent to QAnon have aroused these fears. Retired Vice Admiral Michael Flynn claimed that anti-fascist and Black Lives Matter activists would attack the audit without evidence. “I’m saying this now because there’s information from Portland and Seattle that could confuse people today,” Flynn said in a speech this month. “Does I mean finding the truth, confusing finding the truth?” Watkins continued to imply that the Left was traveling to protest the audit. “If you have evidence to protest the audit, chat logs, or information about the BLM or Antifa booking room in Arizona, please email me,” he wrote a few days later. So far, the threat has not yet materialized. Outside the Veterans Memorial Coliseum, where audits are taking place, much of the anger is due to the Republican majority oversight committee in Maricopa County, which previously approved a vote that gave Joe Biden a state electoral vote. It seems to be reserved. “The supervisory board is the enemy of the country,” I read a flag shot by The Arizona Republic. However, the security theater has steadily escalated after months of “stop stealing” memes about phantom fraudulent voting. The event is currently secured by Arizona Rangers, a private law enforcement agency that has raised over $ 130,000 in GoFundMe since it began its non-audit patrol. On Monday night, two recent donations ($ 100 each) said, “It’s Trump because we want to fully reveal the truth and bring the right president back to the office.” I can’t stop. ” !! !! WWG1WGA! (“WWG1WGA” is QAnon’s slogan.) The observer on the right is not happy. They want Trump to call on Governor Doug Ducey to hire more guards and for even greater security. “Republicans are demanding that Arizona Governor Duchy immediately provide massive security to brave American patriots conducting forensic audits of the 2020 presidential election,” Trump said in a recent statement. I am writing in. On Facebook, the Arizona Rangers shared an article about Trump’s comments from the fringe site Gateway Pundit. The article states, “The Coliseum is well guarded and unforeseen events occur when someone tries to break in. But Democrats desperately do anything. They even steal elections to gain power. (The Rangers, a group of more than 400 officers, have not received state funding and do not have full police power. They did not return a request for comment.) Watkins’ relationship to the audit Was previously scrutinized. This recount is run by a company called Cyber ​​Ninja, based in Florida. Cyber ​​Samurai CEO Doug Logan has promoted a conspiracy theory about elections and has tweeted many times on Watkins. Watkins telegram posts about audits are often shared by groups dedicated to tracking nonsensical processes, but in Arizona, these channels are more than just group chats. The largest channel spin-off claimed to host a live Q & A with officials appointed by the State Senate responsible for audit oversight. (We couldn’t ask the people for comment on Monday.) Also on Monday, Cyber ​​Ninja CEO Logan kept his auditing method secret in court, and a court hearing on recounting was in the media. Insisted that it should be published in. public. That commitment to secrecy comes even when the conservative outlets advertise that they claim to be the unpublished findings of the audit. It was flagged as suspicious for reasons such as “absentee ballots were held from addresses other than where voters legally reside.” As a result, the unsourced graphic claim is more than 250,000 “potential illegal votes.” The source of the graphic is unknown. Logan and an audit spokesperson did not request comments on the graphics, or even return whether the audit initially processed 250,000 votes. The OAN host who promoted the graphics is involved in launching a fundraising campaign for auditing. Despite the ongoing recounting situation, one of these hosts recently appeared on OAN broadcast, proclaiming that the process “unravels the Democratic Party’s plans from 2020.” Another standard riff about sourceless graphics was in a blog post announcing it was “what’s happening.” Patriot! The truth is coming out … Trump has won! (Trump didn’t win.) The post was shared by Bobby Piton, manager of an Illinois-based financial planning company. Piton has previously promoted the theory of fraudulent elections in Arizona (USA Today’s analysis evaluated these claims as false). After contacting him by phone and Logan asking for help, Piton told The Daily Beast that he was working on an informal audit. Piton said he and Watkins had been in contact last year and recently reconnected to discuss an Arizona audit. “And I said,’Yes, I’m trying, I’m trying.’ And you know, he feels the same about what he’s doing, and I We just talked about ballots. We were just talking about UV lights [auditors are shining UV lights on the ballots].. We’re a little distracted by the different technologies we can use to expose fraud in the future and how we can come up with ideas to share and collaborate with the general public. About QAnon, and about Watkins’ denial of being Q. That said, Piton wouldn’t care if Watkins was behind the conspiracy theory. Or something like that, “said Piton. “Frankly, it doesn’t really matter that I’m working with them.” Read more at The Daily Beast. Did you get a hint? Send it to The Daily Beast here. Put your top stories in your inbox every day. Sign up now! DailyBeast Membership: Beast Inside digs deeper into the stories that matter to you. learn more.

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