Trump, Melania ‘just feel bad’ about imprisoned rebels, says Marjorie Taylor Green

The Jan. 6 rebels may have broken the law when they stormed the Capitol last year, but Donald When Melania Trump has just been arrested for a crime and is “just sick,” said a congressman. marjorie taylor green (R-Ga.).

Green told Trump’s former White House strategist Steve Bannon his podcast saturday What she told Trump and his wife about what she saw when she visited the “Patriot” rebels in prison.

“President Trump and Melania were sick of what they learned,” she told Bannon. he forgives Green, who called the mob’s sentencing “political persecution,” said after the Jan. 6 defendants’ returned to office.

While defending the former president for not pardoning the Jan. 6 mob, Green discussed Trump’s reportedly stunned reaction to the consequences of committing the crime.

Green stressed that Trump had not been indicted before he resigned. “It would have been impossible for him to magically know how to find and forgive these people” when he was no longer president, she said. He repeated that he would sometimes do so.

Green claimed to be responding to a recent string of grumbling tweets about the lack of a pardon from Trump. Holocaust-denier white supremacist Nick Fuentes appeared to defend Trump at his controversial dinner at Mar-a-Lago last week. Gathered outside the Capitol with the First Gang.

At the dinner, Fuentes complained that Trump supporters were upset that he didn’t support the rioters. According to AxiosYe said in a video posted to Twitter last week: I spoke with President Trump About him not pardoning the mob.

Green posted Trump’s defense on Twitter shortly thereafter.