Trump never minded calling Steve Bannon’s executive privilege




Donald Trump’s lawyer made a big hole in Steve Bannon’s claim that he was covered by executive privilege when Steve Bannon refused to testify before the selection committee on January 6.

Banon has refused to follow the subpoena from the house panel investigating the January 6 Trump rebellion since October last year, urging him to be charged with criminal charges. But his lawyer, Bob Costello, announced on Sunday night that Banon would eventually appear. After receiving a letter from the former president promising to waive executive privilege, his former White House adviser was, in theory, able to correct the record.

In an early Monday bomb exposure, DC prosecutors said Trump’s lawyer Justin Clark was interviewed by the FBI on June 29, and Trump had never exercised executive privilege to stop Banon’s testimony. Announced that it was confirmed.

In addition, in a motion filed in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia, they should exclude discussions about the last-minute moment of Jesus’ arrival in Bannon from this criminal trial starting next Monday. Claimed to be.

In a deal with the Commission on January 6, Banon’s lawyer Costello referred to a letter from Clark to support his claim of executive privilege. However, according to a court allegation written by Assistant United States Attorney Amanda Bourne, not only did Clark confirm that the privilege was not exercised, but Costello “misrepresented” what Clark had said to him. “It was the basis for the violation of the subpoena to the Banon lawyer.

Bourne said Banon was provided with the FBI report in an interview the following day, June 30.

“The only thing that has really changed since the defendant’s timing refused to comply with the subpoena in October 2021 suggests that he is ultimately about to face the consequences of the default decision. “Bourne wrote.

She added: Note that in the first place, it shows that executive privilege never provided a basis for complete non-compliance, “he added.

Bourne’s motion was formally filed in court in the name of Michael Graves. Michael Graves swore as a US lawyer for DC last November and oversaw hundreds of individual investigations on January 6. Graves approved an explosive indictment against Banon just a week later.

Banon’s trial is scheduled to begin next Monday, and prosecutors have decided to preliminarily exclude “evidence or debate” related to Banon’s last-minute allegations that Banon is ready to testify. I’m asking the court.

The broader meaning of Clark’s answer in the FBI interview goes far beyond the Banon case. In particular, sending a flower-like letter to Banon on Saturday, proposing to formally abandon executive privilege that had never been called from the beginning, again casts doubt on Trump’s own truth. ..

The prosecution’s memo further states that Costello, a longtime Trump lawyer whose name appears to have been edited from the Moller report, is also working for the former president, and his law firm is being paid by Trump’s Super PAC. Stated.

“All the above situations suggest that the defendant’s sudden desire for testimony is not a true effort to fulfill his obligations, but a last attempt to avoid accountability.” The memo concludes.

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