Trump officials reveal what really happened at the bleach gate on their wedding anniversary

& Lt; p & gt; President Donald Trump participates in the daily briefing of the Coronavirus Task Force at the White House on April 23, 2020 in Washington, DC & lt; / p & gt; ((Getty Images))

President Donald Trump will attend the daily briefing of the Coronavirus Task Force at the White House on April 23, 2020 in Washington, DC.

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Some former aides revealed that they were trying to stop Donald Trump From a speech at the Coronavirus Task Force press conference on April 23, 2020, he encouraged health officials to study the benefits of injections. bleaching To fight COVID-19..

At last year’s press conference, Mr. Trump said he and his team Task force Before we talk about bleach, let’s talk about researching ways to treat the virus.

“So that’s it disinfectant It knocks it out in 1 minute, 1 minute. And is there a way to do that by injecting it inside or almost cleaning it? President Asked officials During a press conference.

“You will see it enter the lungs and it has a tremendous number [on the] It would be interesting to check it because it’s the lungs, “he continued, seemingly referring to the idea of ​​disinfectants. “We would have to use a doctor, which seems interesting to me,” Trump added.

Senior health officials, who were later questioned by reporters, confirmed that federal laboratories were not considering or developing such treatment options.

Talk to Politico The day before the 1st anniversary of Widely ridiculed And Round blame In the case, a former aide said the president at the time tried to stop addressing reporters that day.

The morning before the press conference, Mr. Trump was briefed on the latest findings on a virus that had only existed in the country for about two months, but he felt he wasn’t properly incorporating the information, he said. ..

“Some of us actually tried to stop it in the West Wing corridor,” a former White House official told Politico as Mr. Trump was walking through the White House to talk to reporters. ..

“I insisted that President Trump wouldn’t really have time to absorb and understand it, but I lost, and it went as it did,” they added. ..

At a press conference in April 2020, Mr. Trump also talked about the possibility of using “ultraviolet or very intense light” to treat Covid-19. He suggested that it could be used on the skin or “inside the body”.

Another former official told Politico that Mr. Trump’s remarks about disinfectants and UV rays were a joke during his last few months in office.

“People joked about it in the White House,” Are you drinking bleach and injecting sunlight? “People mocked it and said,” Oh, make me stand out in the sun. Please, and I’ll be safe from Covid, “he said.

The former aide added: It was a matter of credibility … it hurt us even from an international point of view, credibility at the White House. “

The case was mentioned throughout the following year Being ridiculed on Saturday night live, Mr. Trump also has to defend comment During the presidential election debate that was broadcast on TV.

Earlier this year, President Joe Biden Mocked the commentWhile talking at a roundtable with a black key worker about the US public health crisis.

“As you know, I think there is a growing awareness that injecting bleach into your system doesn’t do it for you,” said a Democrat.

He added: I mean thinking about all the ridiculous things, and people who are vaccines are still online … denials, and all these stories that aren’t true about it. “

Independent I contacted the Trump organization for comment.

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