Trump organization lawyers need to convince prosecutors not to sue until Monday

Donald Trump at Trump Tower.

Donald Trump at Trump Tower. Spencer Pratt / Getty Images

Trump Organization lawyers will need to make closing arguments in front of New York prosecutors until Monday afternoon as to why the company should not be held criminally liable for its financial practices. Said Washington post on Sunday.

Manhattan prosecutors have been investigating the Trump Organization for the past two years and whether the company has inflated the value of its assets to secure loans and tax incentives. People with knowledge of the matter said.

On Thursday, a lawyer representing the Trump organization and former President Donald Trump held a virtual meeting with prosecutors in Manhattan, stating their reasons why they should not be prosecuted. Position Report. The prosecution is considering prosecuting the company’s chief financial officer, Allen Weisselberg, as well as the Trump Organization, people familiar with the investigation said. Position.. Investigators are investigating whether Weisselberg paid taxes on the benefits he received from Trump, and he is not working with the prosecutor.

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