Trump organization sues New York for illegal termination of contract

Donald Trump.

Donald Trump. Chip Somode Villa / Getty Images

Monday playing card organization Sue New York City, He claimed that terminating the contract of a company that operates some urban facilities was “not right”.

After the parliamentary riots on January 6th New York Mayor Bill de Blasio said Former President Donald Trump said, “We have instigated a rebellion against the U.S. government that threatened to kill five people and upset the transfer of constitutional power. The city of New York is not allowed in any form, method or form. It will have nothing to do with the act. We are immediately taking steps to terminate the contracts of all Trump organizations. “

The Trump Organization operates the Central Park Carousel, two Central Park Ice Skating Rinks, and the Trump Golf Link at Ferry Point, bringing the company approximately $ 17 million annually. The Central Park contract was scheduled to expire in early 2021, but the Trump Organization contract, which operates the city-owned ferry point golf course, was not scheduled to expire until 2032.

“We have no objection to not just meeting, but exceeding our obligation to run a first-class tournament-quality daily golf course,” the Trump Organization said in a statement. The company called De Blasio’s actions “purely political motivation,” promoted “his own partisan agenda,” and accused him of “interfering with freelancers.”

A New York City Legal Affairs spokesman vowed to “actively defend the city’s decision to terminate the contract,” city hall spokesman Bill Nadart told ABC News that the whole situation was caused by Trump’s actions. It was. “It was Donald Trump who hampered basic democracy when he caused a deadly rebellion in the US Capitol,” he said. “You do that, and you lose the privilege of doing business with New York City. It’s just as easy.”

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