Trump owes it all to McConnell’s “disgraceful neglect of duty”

Drew Angeler / Getty

Drew Angeler / Getty

1 year ago, US Senate Voted innocent Donald Trump just a few weeks ago President of the United States.. Three years from now, he could do that again. Thanks to the Republicans, he knew better, but he still unhooked him.

The The vote was 57-43 agreement Convicted of Trump for instigating a riot in the Capitol, which was part of Trump’s months of attempted coup d’etat, which began in earnest when he persuaded tens of millions of Americans. Bald lie A large-scale multilateral conspiracy of fraudulent elections denied his reelection.

Seven Republicans crossed the party’s boundaries, voted independently of all Democrats, held Mr. Trump’s high crime blame, and banned him from regaining his job.

Following the verdict, a significant number of senators made enthusiastic statements about trials, failed coups, and the damage that Trump’s big lie continued to inflict on basic democratic norms.

McConnell unleashes “shameful” Trump — “innocent” moment after vote

I saw most of them (for work, of course), but only one was noticeable to me at the time, and I do so today. It was a ardent, legitimately furious, and captivating speech.

“January 6 was shameful. American citizens attacked their government. They used terrorism to try to stop certain democratic businesses they didn’t like.

Fellow Americans beat our own police and shed blood. They attacked the Senate floor. They tried to hunt down the Speaker of the House. They built a gallows and advocated the killing of the Vice President, “the senator began.

“They did this because they were given wild falsehoods by the most powerful man on the planet. He was angry and lost the election. The actions of former President Trump prior to the riot “It was a shameful neglect of duty,” continued Senator, explaining how crazy the basic facts about impeachment are.

The Senator then made a random and concise claim for the conviction:

“There is no doubt that President Trump is practically and morally responsible for triggering the events of the day. Those who attacked this building said they were acting according to the president’s wishes and instructions. And they believed that the defeated president continued to scream at the largest megaphone on the planet, with false statements, conspiracy theories, and reckless exaggerations of increasing crescendo. It was a foreseeable result. “

The Senator who provided this Beltway Meets Bravehart solitude for years was a Republican. And not only the Republican Party, but also the Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell, the boss of the GOP in Congress.

This was a speech McConnell explained why he voted Not guilty Trump, therefore, is free to serve as President again, leaving the January 6 “Practical and Moral Responsibility” unpunished.

The TL; DR version is an interpretation that the Senate does not have the authority to convict civilians (argued by about the same number of people who support it). If Trump was still president, the debate would continue, Mitch would have voted for the conviction.

Get to know McConnell Shameless ability Going back to his words, and above all, to serve the Republican interests, it’s hard to believe he did, unless he had a zero chance of being a decision vote (and perhaps nonetheless).

Trump’s acquittal provided McConnell with a cover to put his words condemning Trump and his crimes into Congressional records for posterity. For history.

But now, a year later, Trump is still a de facto favorite (and not in the immediate vicinity) of the 2024 Republican nomination.

To make matters worse, the Republican Party on February 4th of this year Distrust resolution Republican lawmakers Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger are high crimes worthy of proper investigation on January 6 and go to the U.S. House of Representatives selection committee to investigate the attack on the U.S. Capitol on January 6. It was embodied by the participation of.

Republicans said the two lawmakers had contributed to “the persecution of civilians engaged in legitimate political discourse.”

And the Republicans quickly revealed that it didn’t mention the actual Capitol riots, but other very respectable people who believed the president was lying told them. (And the rest of the Republican leaders were too timid to force a refusal).

Weasel words aside, let’s clarify what the Republicans did here. They justified the big lie belief that the 2020 elections were stolen and implicitly covered those who were angry at the big lie and attacked the Capitol.

It doesn’t matter how much you hate Chaney and Kinzinger’s politics, even if you think they’re selfish hacks. In this case, they are doing the right thing.

Mitch McConnell says he will support Trump in 2024 after blaming him for the Capitol riots.

Republicans who explain the denial of unsubstantiated election results and shatter the norms of “change of power” as “legitimate discourse” are no longer consolidating political resources, and perhaps “owned libraries.”

If McConnell and nine other Republicans voted conscience to convict him, Trump’s political career could have ended forever a year ago.

If they showed a few principles and firmly confronted the wrath of the MAGA dead, they would have been able to revive the party.

Instead, GOP is now Permanent Trump Party.. They codified big lie, attempted coup d’etat, and January 6 riots as part of a “legitimate political discourse.”

And McConnell seems to have at least some regrets.

He recently Made a rare swing at his own party— A “mob” who used “fear and violence” to intimidate Congress after “lying” to the president and other powerful people, accusing the Republican National Commission of accusing Chainy and Kinzinger. The riot that he committed was called the Parliament Building. “” But he hasn’t yet endorsed the January 6th Commission, and his courageous latest puncture wound is only half courageous.

McConnell’s post-impeachment speech was a worthy closing remark to the prosecutor’s jury. But his words are meaningless, as he took advantage of Trump’s political fortune and left the former president’s crimes against the United States unpunished.

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