Trump proposed the launch of a “conservative media powerhouse”

Donald Trump was proposed last month to launch a multi-billion dollar media and tech company built around his personal brand, with the idea that it could be published via SPAC.

Behind the scenes: The 24-page presentation arrived at Mar-a-Lago’s Trump desk, but apparently didn’t catch the attention of the former president.

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idea: The Trump Media Group, of which Trump is CEO, Chairman and President, is called “a conservative media powerhouse on the pitch deck that is comparable to liberal media and fights Silicon Valley’s” Big Tech “companies.”

  • Trump + (a subscription-based content business compared to Netflix and Disney +), Trump Social Media (invest in or build your own), Trump Technology (an alternative to Internet services such as AWS and Stripe) We promise not to censor our customers).

  • Trump + alone is $ 9.2 billion and forecasts a base case valuation of $ 15 billion.

  • It was also suggested that the TMG was released and would probably raise capital through a SPAC. No other sources of funding are mentioned, including whether Trump is required to invest.

Conclusion: This particular proposal appears dead underwater, but it gives a glimpse of the type of business effort presented to Trump. Showed interest When setting up a new media company.

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