Trump pushes Oz to declare victory in the undecided Pennsylvania primary

Former President Donald Trump said Wednesday at the Capitol that Mehmet Oz should declare victory over enemy Dave McCormick in a Republican battle in Pennsylvania too close for the Senate nomination.

“Dr. Oz needs to declare victory. Mr. Trump said of Truth Social, the social media platform he found,” it’s much harder to cheat on the ballots you just happened to find. “.

Oz approved by Trump last monthAnd McCormick Stay trapped in a tough contest in Pennsylvania, One of the hottest races in 2022, with only a handful of votes splitting the two as of Wednesday morning. Thousands of votes and mail ballots haven’t been counted yet — and the closeness of the race shows a potential recount — prematurely Trump’s Wednesday morning declaration.

Trump’s call to Oz to declare victory is a reflection of his own efforts to steal the victory in Pennsylvania in the 2020 general election from President Joe Biden. Trump preemptively declared the winner of the presidential election before the number of votes cast on the night of elections in Pennsylvania and other states before the mail ballots were counted. The then president lost elections with Pennsylvania as more votes were counted in the next few days.

However, Trump never admitted that defeat and instead promulgated an unfounded theory that elections were stolen from him in Pennsylvania and several other major swing states. A bunch of conspiracy theories, often referred to by opponents as “big lie,” urged Trump supporters to attack the Capitol on January 6, 2021 to prevent Biden’s electoral college from victorious parliamentary recognition. A party that urges and remains widespread in the Republican Party.