Trump releases a 12-page response to the January 6 hearing


Former President Trump accused the Democratic Party of trying to divert attention from a series of domestic problems facing the country on Monday, and was presented by a House committee investigating the parliamentary riots on January 6, 2021. He published a 12-page counter-argument to the testimony and evidence.

“17 months after the January 6 incident, the Democratic Party cannot provide a solution,” Trump said in a statement released through his Save America PAC. “They are desperate to change the story of a failed country without even mentioning the turmoil and death caused by the far left just a few months ago. No doubt they dominate the government. They dominate the government. Owns this disaster. They hope that these hearings will somehow change their outlook for failure. “

The 12-page document shows how Trump has not progressed from his false fraud allegations in the 2020 elections, and that Commission activities could be central to the 2024 campaign. I’m emphasizing.

The House Committee was held to investigate the riots on January 6th. Two public hearings so far Aides repeatedly informed Trump that the elections were not stolen or fraudulent, but to show that he continued to publicly claim that it lasted for months and misleaded his supporters. Is building a case.

In a 12-page document, Trump reiterates a few disproved allegations that the 2020 election was stolen from him and worked in favor of the Democratic Party.

One section of Trump’s statement focuses on ballot trafficking claims and cites Dinesh Dosouza’s documentary “2000 Mule.” In a testimony presented on Monday, former Attorney General William Barr laughed at the movie’s mention, saying he was “not impressed with it,” dismissing the idea that it proved to be a widespread fraud. Did.

In another section, President Biden claims he couldn’t beat Pennsylvania, Arizona, and Georgia because he got more black and hispanic votes than former President Obama. Each of these states has been audited and recounted, and no evidence of widespread fraud has been found.

Trump in one section claimed that states such as Pennsylvania and Michigan took longer to count ballots after the election day.

But former Fox News editor Chris Stillwald directly testified on Monday that he had rejected the very theory known as the “blue shift.” Stirewalt explained that Republicans perform better on regular election days and Democrats perform better on early voting. Some states, such as Pennsylvania, do not count early or mailed votes until the election date. In other words, it will take more time to complete the count.

“We struggled — and we’re proud of what we struggled with — this anomaly as the Trump campaign and the president revealed they would try to ensure that viewers were informed that this would happen. To abuse, “Stirewalt said on Monday.

At a hearing on January 6, many former aides to Trump allegedly dismissed the allegations of fraud and told the former president that there were no cases based on the aftermath of the 2020 elections.

Barr testified to telling Trump that his allegations about the elections were “random” and called them “nonsense” and “ridiculous.” In a deposition presented on Monday, Barr insisted on the Commission without evidence that a particular voting machine was designed to cheat, causing Trump to “separate from reality” in the weeks following the election. I was worried.

However, Mr. Trump has repeatedly shown that he will not retreat from his claim that the 2020 election was stolen, and has become a major election issue since the 2022 midterm election. He supported candidates who continued to deny that Biden was a legally elected president, and helped challengers to Republicans who voted to impeach him in the Capitol riots.

“As we approach the midterm elections, we see swamp creatures circling the drain as true Americans step up to replace corrupt facilities with patriots fighting for our freedom. “Trump said in a statement on page 12 on Monday.

“The establishment holds their power as tightly as possible while watching them slide off their grasp. Our country is plunging,” he continues. “Americans are 100% caused by Democrats who fill gas tanks, feed babies, educate children, hire employees, order supplies, protect borders from aggression, and gain power through fraudulent elections. And suffering from many other tragedy, and the people of our country are angry and sad. “

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