Trump reportedly has a lot of execution time in his hands

Donald Trump.

Donald Trump. ANDY JACOBSOHN / AFP via Getty Images

The post-presidential routine of former President Donald Trump is very similar to the daily routine of living in the White House. Excerpt From the next book by Carol Leonnig and Philip Lacquer I can fix it just I will propose.

When Trump was in office, he was known to start his official day around 11:00 am. Axios report In 2018, he was watching TV and scrolling Twitter almost alone. After a few meetings, he usually returned home at around 6 pm to call and turn the news back on.

Even today, Trump is reportedly spending the morning in a 24-hour news cycle at Mar-a-Lago, “a private place to watch TV and call friends and friends.” .. However, recently on Twitter). After that, Trump often plays golf at one of his clubs in the area. He was well known for hitting the link as Commander-in-Chief, Expenditure reportedly 307 days on his term course.

After golf, Trump reportedly went out to meet politicians and operatives who traveled to Palm Beach to meet him, after wearing a suit and making up in the afternoon.As Leonnig and lacquer put it, “By early 2021, Trump turned his club into a political base camp for his potential comeback,” but he planned to journalists that he would launch another campaign. I didn’t tell you if I was there.Read the complete book excerpt at Vanity Fair..

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