Trump reportedly ordered the White House to try to crack down on Jimmy Kimmel

donald trump Reportedly very furious Jimmy KimmelA TV joke that White House officials tried to censor late-night hosts on the orders of the then president.

Rolling Stone reported on Sunday At least 2 calls to the top disney Executives demand lawsuit against Kimmel in 2018.

Disney is the parent company of ABC, which broadcasts “Jimmy Kimmel Live.”

An unnamed former Trump administration official said Kimmel was “very disloyal and [Trump] would have sued in the past. “

Another unnamed former official told Rolling Stone: [Trump]”Hey, we did this.”

Kimmel said at one point last year that an ABC official asked him to soften Trumpbut he refused.

“Listen, if you want to do it, I understand and I don’t hold a grudge against you, but I’m not going to do it.

It’s not clear if that conversation was the result of a White House pressure campaign against Disney, but ABC officials showed no mercy to Kimmel, who continues to mock the former president to this day.

Trump has long been furious with cartoons that make jokes about him, attacking the likes of Kimmel, Saturday Night Live, Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart.

The Daily Beast reported in 2021 During his presidency, Trump asked the Justice Department to investigate late-night cartoons that made fun of him and asked advisers if the FCC or courts could stop the jokes.