Trump reportedly stuffed the White House’s box in secret and brought a “secret” document to Mar-a-Lago.

Top Secret Documents of the Trump White House

Top Secret Documents of the Trump White House Chip Somode Villa / Getty Images

The National Archives of Japan found the document Clearly marked as classifiedBetween 15 boxes of paper and former President Donald Trump of the monument, including the “Top Secret” level Inappropriately brought home From the White House Washington post Report, Quote two people who are familiar with the problem. These documents are currently stored in a safe storage location by the Department of Justice, and authorities have decided on the next steps.

“Top secret” classification, According to the National Archives of Japan, Unauthorized disclosure applies to documents that are “expected to cause very serious damage to national security”.Even if the Justice Ministry does not Start a criminal investigation Former federal prosecutor Brandon van Gluck said of how such material arrived at Trump’s unsafe club: Position“The FBI needs to review the information and conduct an investigation to determine what happened and whether the source and method were compromised.”

One of the key questions for federal or parliamentary investigators is how highly classified information was put into Trump’s Marago Box.

Someone familiar with scrambling to pack Trump’s belongings suggested some of the documents that Trump piled up in the White House dwelling might have accidentally arrived at Mar-a-Lago. But multiple people close to the former president Said Position “Trump was very secretive about the packaging of the boxes recovered from Mar-a-Lago last month and did not let other aides, including some of his senior advisers, see them.”

And, “Trump was reluctant to return the box of documents taken from the White House, despite repeated efforts by the National Archives to obtain them,” archivists said in some well-known records. From last summer when I noticed that New York Times Report.. Eventually, “National Archives officials threatened to send a letter to Congress or the Justice Department if he kept holding the box,” and Trump began examining the file in December.

Trump Spokesman Taylor Glitch Said Position “The usual routine process is armed by anonymous politically motivated government sources to forge fake news,” and the National Archives “certainly disagree with this false report.” You can, but it’s not.

The “Top Secret” Document Report is on top of other new revelations about Trump Habitual mishandling of presidential recordsFrequently included Tear the document,probably Trying to flush the printed paper to the toiletAnd using a personal mobile phone Avoided White House call records..

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