Trump said former President George H.W. Bush had secret government documents stored at the bowling alley and Chinese restaurant that should be investigated. Bush died in 2018.


  • Donald Trump was at a Republican campaign rally in Arizona supporting Governor Kari Lake.

  • Trump has accused past presidents of holding classified documents and defended them.

  • He claimed to have kept documents that George H.W. Bush converted from a former bowling alley to a Chinese restaurant.

At a Republican campaign rally in Arizona on Sunday, former President Donald Trump defended the storage of classified documents, taking the opportunity to accuse past presidents of holding classified documents.

Many other presidents have stored millions of pages of documents in warehouses, Trump said, adding that “some had front doors that weren’t working.”

his speech falsely claimed Former President Barack Obama moved more than 33 million pages of documents to a former furniture store in Chicago. The National Archives previously denied the allegations, Safely store 30 million unclassified documents Federal facility in Chicago.

Trump then said that former President George H.W. Bush had “taken millions of documents out to a bowling alley and collected them with a then-old, broken-down Chinese restaurant. They put them together. And , it had a broken front door and a broken… other than that it was very safe.”

Trump also questioned why Bush, among other presidents, was not indicted.former president died Houston hospital due to blood infection in 2018 after him My wife, Barbara, passed away a few months ago.

The comment is response On Twitter by Bush’s son Jeb Bush. “So confused,” he tweeted.

(A 7-10 split is when the bowler hits all but the last two pins.)

Trump under investigation for keeping government documents at home Mar-a-Lago, which federal agents seized in August. DOJ found 48 classified documents in Trump’s home endure Than. Former Trump attorney Michael Cohen recently said the former president documents for yourself personal interest.

His Arizona speech What he gave in Nevada on Saturday The campaigns of Republican candidates Joe Lombardo and Adam Laxalt.

Trump Helped Campaign for Republican Candidates at Bell Bank Park in Mesa, Arizona Kari Lake, Who is running for governor? FiveThirtyEight’s Averaging vote data It shows that the state gubernatorial election is a mess.

Representatives for the George and Barbara Bush Foundation and Trump did not respond to insider requests for comment.

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