Trump seemed surprised when his supporters booed him out loud at an Arizona rally over his parliamentary approval.

Former President Donald Trump will attend a

Former President Donald Trump will attend a “Save America” ​​rally in Prescott Valley, Arizona, on July 22, 2022, to support Republican candidates in Arizona.Mario Tama / Getty Images

  • Trump was booed by supporters at an Arizona rally after mentioning his support for Congressional candidate Eli Crane.

  • Trump was confused by the boos and asked, “But you like me, right?”

  • Crane is one of the seven candidates for the Republican primary and includes QAnon activist Ron Watkins.

Former President Donald Trump seemed to be in a hurry when he was booed while talking about one of his recent congressional supporters at a rally in Arizona on Friday.

Familiar with the praise of his super-loyal MAGA followers, Trump looked uncomfortable when he hyped Eli Crane, a candidate for the Arizona Republican primary, and the crowds responded largely negatively. Was shown.

“And a highly respected man who has just been endorsed by me today, a future MP in District 2 of Eli Crane,” Trump said, urging the crowd to boo.

The former president looked surprised and repeatedly looked at the cause of the boo before smiling awkwardly.

“But you like me, right?” Trump then tells the crowd with an awkward laugh.

Seven Republican candidates are running in the primaries of Arizona’s Second Parliamentary District. Ron Watkins, It was widely rumored that the man had started the QAnon movement.

Crane is a former Navy seal and a self-proclaimed “America First” candidate who wants to take on Democratic incumbent Tom O’Halolan in November.

The crane is described as a “carpetbagger” by some online critics. This means a candidate politician who wants to be elected in an area that has no local ties.

A website specializing in criticizing Crane pointed out that he did not and never lived in the Second Parliamentary District and encouraged rally attendees to boo him.

The site also claimed that Crane was part of Arizona, had never lived in the countryside as much as the area he was running in, and lost contact with voters.

The crane is now Top donation Republican candidate has received over $ 2 million. The next top funding candidates, Walter Blackman and Mark Delgio, each received over $ 1 million. The primary is August 2nd.

A rally in Prescott Valley was held to support Trump’s approved candidate for governor, Kali Lake.

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