Trump Slam’Human Conveyor Belt’ A Pence for Lacking’Courage’to Steal Elections




Former President Donald Trump accused Mike Pence on Friday of lacking the “courage” to overthrow President Joe Biden’s election victory. January 6th Commission welcomed former Beep as a hero Because he did not participate in Trump’s unsuccessful coup attempt.

In addition, the former president, who was impeached twice, denied calling Pence a “weak” because he did not follow his crazy theory of stealing the 2020 elections. But at the same time, Trump repeatedly called Pence a “human conveyor belt” and a “robot” to prove Biden’s voter vote.

At the hearing on Thursday The House Commission on January 6 detailed a fierce pressure campaign on Pence by Trump and his allies prior to the attack on the Capitol.In particularTrump’s external legal counsel John Eastman pushed forward with a bizarre theory The Trump team knew that it was clearly illegal to require Pence to act outside his authority. After the plan failed, Eastman sought to avoid prosecution by asking Trump’s then-individual lawyer Rudy Giuliani to “put him on the amnesty list.”

In addition, Trump was repeatedly said to lack the constitutional and legal ability of Pence to do what the then president wanted, but Trump allegedly called Pence a “weak.” The Commission also revealed that mobs (including mobs chanting “hang Mike Pence”) arrived within 40 feet of the Vice President after attacking the Capitol.

Pence and other “RINOs” Trump felt unfaithful to him after the election after handrailing the “fake” and “deselection” committees during a speech at the Associated State of Faith and Freedom on Friday. Attention was paid to.

“I said I heard a man get up and call Mike Pence a” sissy “,” Trump said. “Honestly, I’m the President of the United States. I’m sitting, I think they said at my desk.” He’s a sissy. “How many people listen to me — I I don’t even know who these guys are! But I never called Mike Pence a sissy. I never called him a sissy. “

But from there, the former president aimed at the running companion in front of him because he couldn’t help him get into tort — and he basically said Pence so many words. I called it a sissy.

“Mike Pence had a great opportunity,” exclaimed Trump. “He had the opportunity, frankly, to be historic, but just as [former Attorney General] Bill Barr and these other vulnerable people, Mike-and sadly say that because I like him-but Mike didn’t have the courage to act. “

Of course, Trump then turned to blasting a bar that called Trump’s fraudulent election allegations “random.” Laughed at the MAGA media attempt To prove a “big lie”. According to Trump, Bar was “afraid” of the impeachment and was not in line with the post-election plan.

“I was impeached and said what was wrong,” Trump yelled. “I was impeached twice and the number of votes increased!”

Still, most of Trump’s hostility was reserved for Pence.

Aside from proving Biden’s victory, the shameful former president likened Pence to a “human conveyor belt” with respect to the legal consensus that Pence had “no choice.”

Mr. Trump said he didn’t want Pence to “decide” the election, but pushed Eastman’s garbage theory in a conversation with the Vice President after insisting that he want the legislature to send a vote back and make a decision. Seems to have confirmed. (However, according to Pence Chief of Staff Mark Short. This particular encounter never happened.).

“So I said,’Mike, if you do this, you can be Thomas Jefferson,'” the former president boasted. “And after everything went down, I saw him one day and said,” Mike, I hate to say this, but you’re not Thomas Jefferson. ” “

During a Thursday hearingGreg Jacob, a former Pence lawyer, testified that Eastman tried to assert his theory, citing precedents involving Jefferson and John Adams. But in the end, Eastman admitted that it was nothing.

“He was initially trying to push the example of Jefferson and Adams,” Jacobs said. “He finally admitted that they didn’t work.”

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