Trump stuck to the Navy’s new super career and yelled at military leaders, “The ship doesn’t look right.”: Book


Donald Trump speaking with a microphone.

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  • According to a new book, Trump is reportedly obsessed with USS Gerald Ford.

  • He stuck to the appearance of the ship and said, “It just doesn’t look right.”

  • “I know aesthetics,” he said like a book, then rubbed his own hair and added, “Can’t you say?”

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According to a new book by Washington Post reporters Bob Woodward and Robert Costa, former President Donald Trump has complained to military personnel about the look of the new US aircraft carrier and that he doesn’t like it on a daily basis.

Insiders have obtained an early copy of the book “Danger,” which will be released next week.

According to the book, Trump stuck to the prestigious aircraft carrier USS Gerald R. Ford and regularly complained about the placement of over $ 13 billion in expensive ships, weapons elevators, catapults, and flight commands. The center known as the “island” of ships on the flight deck.

“The general and admiral were terrifying businessmen, and Trump repeatedly complained, especially in the acquisition and trading of ships, confirming that the army was constantly torn,” the book said.

At a meeting with military leaders, Trump reminded them that he was in the construction industry. According to the book, “I know about elevators,” he told them. “If it gets wet, the elevators on the ship can break down,” he said.

Ford’s advanced weapons elevator moves weapons and ammunition on board and is part of a range of new technologies. There have been trouble spots for new super carriers for a long timeHowever, the problem is more in integration than in the presence of water.

Through his presidency Trump also complained about the catapult system, sometimes in public...

Among Ford’s new technologies is the Electromagnetic Aircraft Launch System (EMALS). It relies on electrical current to catapult the aircraft from the flight deck, rather than the steam used on older Nimitz-class aircraft carriers.

Trump said he had problems during development, but because the system, which is designed to be more effective and efficient than the old steam catapult, is too complex, “to understand how this pity works. Need to go to MIT .. “

In another example, he said, “To make it really work, you have to be Albert Einstein.”

Woodward and Costa reported that they were particularly angry with the placement of the ship’s islands. “It doesn’t look right. We’re looking at aesthetics,” the president told General Mark Milley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, at a supper.

The book states that Trump rubbed his hair and said, “Don’t you know?”

Naval officers sought to explain to Trump why the island was so placed and why it was placed behind it, which made it easier for pilots to land the aircraft by increasing runway space. Also, moving the island very late in the construction process can be quite expensive.

According to the book, Mr. Trump claimed that “it didn’t look right.”

The book said Trump frequently complained about Ford and Millie sat down and listened. “What were you talking about,” said the book. “The president didn’t like the appearance of the ship. [Milley] I had to endure it, just let him run away. “

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